Pickett V. Jameson Williams

I love the Jameson Williams pick. I think he was the best WR in the draft and I do think he will return to full health.

I was thinking this at the time and I am thinking it now:
Kenny Pickett would have given the Lions crazy options at QB for years to come.

You can take Pickett, declare Goff the starter and leader of the team but that we simply wanted long-term security at the position and then let the guys battle like Favre and Rodgers in Green Bay.

Watching Blough and Boyle was painful today. Investing in QB now would have added value to a trade later or Goff would be pushed now.

But, on the flip, say we just added a good locker room Randy Moss…was that and is that the right move?

I think this question is worthy of debate now that we have seen the back ups in extended action and they are questionable talents at this point.

If everything is right…is adding Randy Moss with no character concerns (Jameson Williams) better than adding Favre V. Rodgers (Pickett and letting him sit for years if necessary)?

This was a really, really big decision by Holmes.

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Bad organizations reach for injured wide receivers in the first round. Good organizations spend resources at the QB position and get value at the WR position in the 2nd-3rd rounds.

The Lions do what bad organizations do and the Steelers do what successful organizations do. It was a massive blunder by Holmes and his mishandling of the QB position should result in his termination (among many other reasons).

Williams has a rare skill set, but at the end of the day he is not a Jamar chase level prospect. Major blunder by Holmes.

I see what you’re getting at. But, the bust rate on 1st round QB’s is extremely high. I’d say Jameson is more of a sure thing with his elite speed and route running.

I also think if the Lions were that high on Pickett they would have traded up to draft him.


This is comical. All the way around….

The fact that Pickett is like 3 years younger than Goff, and comfortably the 2nd best QB on his own team says a lot about Holmes?

8 other teams that needed a QB passed on him.

QBs are now demanding extensions or threatening to hold out after year 3-4 of their rookie year…

We have Goff under contract from not through age 30, 3 more full years.

If they are certain Goff is better than any QB in this class, then why waste the pick on Pickett?


Thanks Iggy.


I’d have rather spent a second round pick on ridder.


I’m starting to think Holmes kidnapped his dog or cut in front of him at Starbucks. It feels a bit personal at this point.


In 3 years the Steelers will be where the Dolphins are now…. They have amazing cast with N Harris, Friermuth, Pickens, Claypool, and D Johnson- so if Pickett is the next Mahomes- the Steelers might win a SB year…. However if/when he’s not, all these guys contracts will be coming due and they will have wasted their primes with no QB…. It’s a gamble.

With the Steelers offensive cast, and defense. I would bet heavy that a Goff led team easily makes the playoffs this year.

I would like to think that Swift, Hock, Jamo, ASB, and Chark could ne similar to the above cast by end of the year. We have a better OL…. Our defense is well behind, but maybe closing the gap.

  • this regime is going to win with Goff next year, or drsft a QB top 3 next year, or be gone by 2024 for sure.

I’d prefer to just be a fan

I liked Pickett the best but Sam Howell was my guy instead of the safety.

I wouldn’t have flipped out at Pickett at the Jameson pick, but it would have shocked me. I think they’re believers in Goff. And I am a little after the last 6 games. I believe with great o-line play he can play well. And I believe we have a pretty good o-line.


Pickett won’t be better than Goff though, so what’s the point?

Jamo was the right pick. Also the right move to trade up for someone with his talent.


Especially with the crazy prices on WR, that makes you feel pretty good about drafting one instead of forking over money for some guy past his prime.


Let’s agree the Steelers team that drafted Pickett was better than the Rams team that drafted Goff?

Let’s agree that Pickett being 2 plus years older as a rookie should make him a bit more mature mentally and physically… especially as a QB vs say RB-

Anyone want to bet on Pickett having 2 pro bowl caliber seasons, beating Mahomes in a 50 point shootout in prime time, having multiple playoff runs, and a SB appearance in his first 3 years???

I don’t


Even with all of that you just listed, Goff is still a better football player.

Why would we downgrade or break even at best with the 12th pick in the draft?


I didn’t mean to reply to your post, more to add to it. I agree with you 100%- my bad.

I think we are about to see some Mahomes and A Rodg regression this year. They lost some pieces-

It’s seems like some of the “Debby Downer SOL” fans assume the teams that were really good , will stay really good… and the teams that added talent will be really good… AND THIS DETROIT IS SCREWED VS EVERYONE!

In reality many teams windows are closing- Packers, Chiefs, Rams, and Bucs…

Others may have gone all in prematurely- Phins, Broncos, Browns, etc… these teams blew huge draft capital hoping to go from no playoffs to contenders, and paid record money to guys who have some character issues (Watson and Hill) and an aging QB who is slowing down and is about to demand a record contract in 1 year…

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I agreed with you as well. My bad also, I interpreted it as you adding on but didn’t really make that clear in my reply.

Mahomes looked fantastic in the preseason game I watched. I bet they wonder where that guy was in the playoff game.

This forum refuses to acknowledge history….

Posters remember Flacco being enfuego in the playoffs, but the 3800 yards and 22 tds all year escape memory- so does the fact that the 2012 Ravens tied for the 6th best record…

Posters forget that Big Ben had 120 yards in his first SB, more ints than TDs despite 2 rings….

Many forget how many years Eli had sun 90 ratings (11), or his 73 rating during his first SB season…. Eli only had 5 of 17 seasons with less than 14 ints- on one he only played a few games.


Posters forget a heroic backup won a ring…

Posters forget a pissed off TB12 took his talents to TB

Posters forget trading for a 33 year old vet with zero playoff wins getting a ring…

Posters even forget that 6 of the last 20 rings were won by a 6th pick on his original team- Brady w/Pats


So as I’ve posted before- the Erin, Mahomes, P Manning route has really accounted for 4 rings in 20 plus years….

Posters are even giving credit to Herbert, Allen etc for things they have t quite done yet….

What if Carr, Waller, Adams, Renfrow, Jacobs and an improved D slide in? Or the Colts run game and D with a solid QB and some trees at WR and TE?

Interesting replies here.

It is also worth noting top WRs are getting crazy stupid $ at this point and that is also likely a factor.

Cards on the table I am fine with the trade overall. I am overreacting to the Blough/Boyle shit show and yes, it would be nice to have QB stability.

Say Chark is great in 2022. We can likely afford Jameson, Chark and St. Brown for the next few years and that is great. Add in Hock and that is a quarter of weapons you can afford and you can win with.

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Who did Green Bay trade up to draft?

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I know for fact he likes the starter TRUBISKY not even the rookie . He just cranks out his BS opinions an you guys jump . Just ignore or agree :grinning: