Picks that will make the board implode

Not sure if we’ve had a thread like this yet.

I don’t want to hear who you don’t want to have picked.

I want to hear what two picks, or what would happen with the Lions tonight, that you think would cause the board to meltdown.

Mine: Lions pass on Bijan or JSN if they’re one or both available at No. 18.


Will Levi’s for me

Anthony Richardson for almost everybody else

Hendon Hooker at 18

Edit: love how autocorrect works for Levi’s


Bijan will make the board very happy, but I will implode internally.



Word - moreso mustard for me


Yeah, that’s a good one. It’ll test how much everyone actually trusts Brad.

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Any QB and a TE in round 1, the board will literally explode.

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This may seem off the wall, guys.
I’m wondering what you guys thought/remember of Steve McNair as a prospect, when he came out in the draft

Tell me what you thought &/or remember of what others thought


I remember “Acorn” State and thinking, “The ■■■■ is that?” And being mesmerized by his numbers. Not sure if I thought much from an evaluation standpoint.


Levis. A TE. Any WR that’s not JSN. An O lineman.

Pretty much any pick is going to make somebody freak.
A QB in the first will make me lose it.
There are other’s who would rather take a 2nd round value player over a 1st graded RB or WR.
Somebody’s going to lose it.


LOL - yup.
I’ve never been more calm over a draft in my life.
Trust Bradley so much


Levis, AR15, Hooker or a TE in round 1 would be a hard pill to swallow.

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Drafting Carter at 6…There seems to be quite a few choir boys on this board!!!

You ever ■■■■ up?
Was it painless?

Carter is the Anti-Campbell. Lazy, doesn’t love football and showed up fat and slow at his combine.
I live in Gainesville Florida, watched AR since he went to Buchholz High School and University of Florida here. Do not want.
I don’t know about the board, but I’ll meltdown if we don’t end up with Bijan somehow. Supposedly Eagles want him at #10. Argh.

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No Defensive players in the first

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I’d be very happy if we drafted Jalen Carter. Some picks I would hate but this board would be gaga over… DT Kancey OG Torrence OG Mauch CB Forbes LB Campbell I don’t want to see any of these guys in the first 2 rounds for us.

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AR15 @ 6
Michael Mayer @18

And you’ll have some folks jumping out of windows


Will Anderson and Jalen Carter both sitting at 6 and the Lions take Carter.

Bijan sitting there at 18 and the Lions take a TE or a QB.


TE Michael Mayer
QB Will Levis

Honorable mention for @Jman
…Skoronski at 6…please no.

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