Pictures worth 1000 words

Play of the year:


Not pictured → Fox sitting back and allowing teammates to receive all of the spotlight.
Gotta love that guy!


So I’d title it “Laying it all out”!

Next :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the LOL @BigNatty! I can now picture it. “No stogie’s on the sideline Fox”

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AO is having big year that’s for sure. #3. Pro Bowl worthy.

Interceptions INT
1 T. DiggsDAL 10
2 J.C. JacksonNE 7
3 A. OruwariyeDET 6
4 J. PoyerBUF 5

Darius who??? :smiley:


I saw this image last night and thought it was awesome seeing C. Reynolds draggong two defender


Did you see that pff has a grade of 57 for fox? According to them he’s the 26th best punter in the league.

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One thing I wouldn’t recommend, is signing your name to that article… Because my boy ■■■■■ me pay you a visit

Total nonsense

Freudian slip?

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LoL. Maybe. I’ll have to analyze it when I’m less tired.

Dr House Oops GIF

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That’s some funny stuff!

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We always knew it. The face in Natty’s avatar is the face he makes when it’s happening.


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You just know pff probably has an intern doing the lions grades. It’s probably a punishment for those that screw up. Lol

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Yes!!! LoL.

LoL. Yup