Pistons moves- cuts, trades, FAs

Fournier, Flynn, Wiseman, Troy Brown, Umude, Metu, Boeheim all non tendered, Grimes traded for Hardaway and 3 2nds. So essentially most of the bench gone.

Cade near a 5/225 max extension.

New Coach, JB Bickerstaff.

Rumored interest in Tobias Harris, Haywood Highsmith and Isaih Hartenstein. No word on if Trajan Langdon is aware there are other free agents with different last initials.


Wendell moore jr to the stones. This is a weaver move

This may not be the most popular take, but NBA fans aren’t as ride or die as NFL fans regarding “shitty” teams.

Watching bad, effortless basketball for 82 games is pretty tough, and watching coaches and even players pseudo tanking is the worst.

The list Wease dropped is bad… guys like Bogey were playing one dimensional street ball, and others simply aren’t nba players.

  • are Tobias, THJ, SF, or Beasley elite players? No…. Are they legit nba players and or solid starters? Yes.

Malik Beasley
S Fontecchio
T Harris
J Duren

J Ivey
M Sasser
Ausar Thompson

I like both of these units and that doesn’t account for the flyer on Wendel or Holland.

Sign Paul Reed, keep Holland on the live roster


That starting 5 may be the least athletic in the League. Also probably the worst defense.

Not saying you are wrong. It could be those 5.

I dont think they sit 3 consecutive #5OA picks on the 2nd team however.

Fontecchio isnt a starter IMO, but maybe none of them are and he wins it in camp? If you are starting Beasley and Harris, do you need a 3rd floor spreader?

Probably Ausar there.

Gonna sit Ivey again behind a guy not in your long term plans?

Ugh. Its just a ugly roster. Where’s Herbie the Dentist Elf and the train with square wheels?


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Few potential starting lineups from the Freep:

On-ball firepower

  • PG Cunningham
  • SG Ivey
  • SF Fontecchio
  • PF Harris
  • C Duren

This is the lineup most hope to see on opening night. It gives the Pistons more on-ball creation by pairing what the organization and fans are still hoping is the backcourt of a future contender. This is probably Ivey’s last shot here to fulfill the lofty expectations placed upon him when he was drafted fifth overall in 2022. There is enough shooting here, though all-around defense looks to be a major weakness



  • PG Cunningham
  • SG Beasley
  • SF Fontecchio
  • PF Harris
  • C Duren

The defense remains a weakness with this lineup, but plugging Beasley in at the “2” — where he started 77 regular season games last season for the playoff-bound Milwaukee Bucks — gives the Pistons three above-average to great 3-point marksmen around Cunningham.


Defense and size

  • PG Cunningham
  • SG Thompson
  • SF Fontecchio
  • PF Harris
  • C Duren

This would go against the roster moves Langdon has made in his effort to create a functional supporting cast around Cunningham. It’s probably untenable with Thompson, the league’s worst 3-point shooter (18.6%) last season among players attempting at least one per game and appearing in more than 50 games — despite being mostly unguarded — and a non-shooter in Duren. It would bring the defense up to perhaps the middle pack, but this is a longshot to be the starting lineup on opening night, assuming health.

Great post sir, and I agree with most of it. I think you see Cade make a huge leap with an invested HC.

I think Tobias, Beasley, and THJ bring that is being ignored a bit though. These 3 have averaged about 73 starts each over the last 3 years. They ARE much better versions of what we pretended we had with Burks, Bogey, Morris, Harris etc…. Even Fontecchio has averaged over 60- all of our “veterans shooters” had missed so much time it’s like they weren’t ever here.

  • I firmly expect Ivey to be a 6th man of the year candidate. His need to attack with the ball makes him an awkward pairing with Cade. Beasley is a better defender, and a far better spacer next to Cade. I believe/hope by mid year that either Holland or Ausar can ascend to that T Prince role. I like Hollands stroke from 3 better, and I think he could be a 16 points, 6 rebs, 3-4 assts guy?

I like Duren with a high energy 27 and Stew with 21.

I like needing either Sasser or Moore to be a functional 12-15 minute guard.

I like Hardaway as a reliable spacer with the 2nd unit.

We will be better than you think.


Yeah, all of a sudden it doesn’t look too bad. Playoffs? No, but maybe we can apporoch 30 wins.

I like this starting line-up:


Ausar needs to spend every waking moment with the new shooting coach. Get him to 30% for threes and that lineup is pretty good.


You have three or four good shooters there, though rim protection and defense is a big issue. With that unit, Fontecchio could easliy average 18 points a game.

Man, Clingan rather than Holland would have solved alot of problems. That also would have allowed a good return for either Stewart or Duren.

But there should be alot of morphing of this lineup in the next year. Lots of people still to come and go.

Weaver?- SMH.

THJ and Beasley are Bogey and Burks in different bodies. They can fill it up every now and then but are absolute crud defenders and wind up being weak links as a result, they’re empty stat guys unless they can be heavily sheltered on a really good team.

I get that Langdon needed to fill out a roster but that’s all these guys are…roster fillers just like Bogey and Burks.

Now Fontecchio is the type of player that plays winning basketball. Solid attention to both sides of the court, Stewart as well who people are so eager to get rid of. Maybe those two aren’t starters on a good team but they play the right way. THJ and Beasley are one dimensional chuckers.

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This is why ive hated our draft approach the last three years. We have a team full of 1 dimensional players so no matter what lineup we put out there, it has glaring weaknesses. We need spacers who can play defense. Instead we get Ivey, Thompson and Holland. No floor spacing and in Iveys case, no defense either.

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They really need the “ping pong balls” to fall right for them next draft

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Watch … Scheyer will still miss the final four.

Who is would have thought that the biggest American Born BBall phenom since LeBron it would be a white kid from Maine named Cooper Flagg? :man_shrugging:


Lets start some chants, dancing, voodoo dolls, SOMETHING to give us a break for a change!

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