Pistons sign Malik Beasley

What they need is an secondary ball handler 1 that can shoot lights out 3s.

Yknow like Devin Booker, or Donovan Mitchell, or Halliburton


We need a stretch 4 like Sheed too


Sheed is a near HoF guy. Harris is as good as we were gonna get there.

I think theybwere hoping Stew.would be the Sheed, I did too, as his HS pedigree was #2 in the country. Long, strong, offensive touch nowhere near Sheed’s.

He’s gonna be fine in a 1st big off the bench role.


It’s not easy to find these guys mentioned above obviously.

But someone that can play that stretch 4 spot. If we can’t find Sheed then find a Mehmet Okur.

Tobias is a fine 4. He has a similar build as Stewart…not as husky but still the same build.

Maybe we could ship Stewart for a stretch Forward/Center that can come off the bench.

If we are gonna go with Duren at C & the young kids at SF… I like having the veteran 4’s.

Glad we added some veteran SG to go with our youngsters in the back court.


I see Oakley.

yep. unfortunately, down even to the mild-mannered-ness.

If you’re talking Duren, I see Sean Kemp.

I can see it and I’d take it.

Fontecchio is a much better defender. Ok, well, lets just say a better defender.

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We just claimed a PF/C from the 76ers.

Maybe he can be backup Center for us and we trade Stewart for a Stretch Forward shooter

PG- Cade… Ivey
SG- Beasley… Sasser, Hardaway

SF- Holland/Ausar/Fontechio

PF- Tobias… Paul Reed

C- Duren… Stewart

Pistons about to f up next years draft. Time to lose and not get the 8th seed. 2025 draft is loaded and maybe the stones get Flagg

Oakley was a premium rebounder. Anthony Mason as a middle ground between Oak and X? Mason actually had a decent mid range set shot.

Kemp was soooo much more nasssstier. Better scorer too.

Mason is a great comp for Stewart. They move like a center with a power forward body.

Kemp averaged 7 ppg then 15 ppg in his first two years. Duren averaged 9 and 14 his first two years. Neither were great at weak side help despite off the charts athleticism. They are two of the nastiest dunkers that i can remember. Their body build and movement on the court looks scary similar. I can’t unsee Shawn Kemp when I watch Duren, but maybe that’s just me.

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You forgot. The Pistons can’t get nice things. We’re destined for the number 2 pick next year, lol.

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Still this class is the real deal

Lions win Super Bowl
Pistons get #1 pick

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I wish

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I can be swayed, but Kemp seemed more intimidating because his combo of thick but ripped, fluid with giant hops and dunking rage really hadnt been seen before. You are right on his develooment curve though, forgot he was a spin up, though some of that was the frontcourt Seattle was hard to crack with X, McKey, Olden Polynice and Michael Cage, who was a BAMF…dude looked like he was in the R and B band Full Force.

They, for those who weren’t around, were some intimidating ass r and b /rap MFers, who also did the Naughty Girls Need Live Too video with Samantha Fox, who was easily top 3 late 80s celebrity titties.

Say some shit about his jheri curls…dare you

I would be elated if we got the number 2 overall. There are at least 5 players in the next draft that would have gone #1 in this past draft. 3 of them will be franchise changing type players (imo).

Which means we will probably be picking 6th.