Pistons Trade S Bey multiple team trade

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Pistons must have other trades to come. They have way too many bigs. Heard Bey’s impending new contract that must happen, and his size doesn’t fit a perfect spot for them were factors. I was wondering how they could pay all these lottery picks when their 2nd contracts come due.

Too bad he didn’t end up in the Bey Area.


You are dependably good in every way…


They get James Wiseman, the No. 2 overall pick from 2020 who has been underwhelming and injury-prone thus far.
Not sure why this deal was made. They’re both under contract for the same length, too.
Guessing they’re figuring Ivey-Cade-Bojan at the 1-2-3 spots with Burks, Hayes and another top-5 wing pick in 2023 as backups can work with an inside rotation of Duren, Wiseman, Bagley, Stewart and Noel at the 4 and 5 spots?
Kind of a head scratcher on the surface, tho.

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Playing time for someone else on the roster?
I don’t follow them close enough to know the ins and outs of the current roster.

Haha! I know none of these ppl
Almost a little proud of it too.


I’m a huge Cade fan. Love him. I’m out. I can’t take it anymore. What the actual ■■■■ is Weaver doing?

I’m taking my talents to Phoenix where they actually know how to run a basketball team. Maybe there I’ll get to experience a playoff appearance since the city of Detroit is going to go at least 6 years without one.


From hooprumors.com

  • The Pistons made a splash in a three-team swap, shipping out Saddiq Bey and Kevin Knox and bringing in former No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman from the Warriors. However, Detroit decided to hold onto Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks, Omari Sankofa II of the Detroit Free Press tweets. Bogdanovic, in particular, drew a lot of interest around the league but the team’s front office repeatedly made it clear in recent weeks it wanted to keep Bogdanovic and Burks to blend in with an otherwise young team next season.
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I used to think Troy Weaver was smart, but this dude collects bigs like Millen collected WRs. I don’t get it.


Well, lets let it settel and see what his long term plan is.

Not just bigs but busted bigs.

Okafor Bust #1 - Bring him in (sucked here)
Bagley Bust #2 - Bring him in and then overpay him (can’t even get on the court)
Noel Bust #3 - Bring him in (sucks beyond suck)
Wiseman Bust #4 - we know how this will end

Bey isn’t any great shakes but Troy what are you doing my man.

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If you have any talent you should stay in Detroit, probably see some court time!

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Mason Plumlee and Duren too, although Duren isn’t a bust (hopefully).

Bey wanted a pretty good extension, north if $20m a season after 23-24.

Bey gone opens up room for Isiah Livers, who plays better D, shoots better and will be cheaper longer. Also not a ball stopper like Bey.

Wiseman was #1 on Weaver’s board in the Hayes/Bew/Beef Stew draft.

Beef Stew is a 4. Duren is a 5. Wiseman is a 5, Bagley is a 4/5. Stew and Wiseman have legit 3 balls. Duren and Bagley don’t.

Bagley being injury prone means you need depth.

I like the deal. Especially if they get Scoot in the draft.


Then foul trouble/Matchups/Injuries

There’s 240 floor minutes a game…plenty for that group plus a bench bucket like Burks.

Also remember the Pistons have a ton of cap space and may bring in another starter and package deal some of these assets…


The best realistic option for our offseason is probably Fred VanVleet.

I don’t know about you, but I am really not looking forward to how we spend our money this offseason, because there’s really no upside to it.

And we can’t trade for anybody because of that stupid Isaiah Stewart deal trading our pick for 7 years so we can’t trade it.

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This team went from having “one of the best futures in the league” to almost no future in like 3 months.

These teams must be selling their souls so the Lions can be good. I have no other explanation.

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VanVleet and Wemby= home playoff games.

He’s nothing special to be honest… I was disappointed the Raps didn’t trade him today. He plays intense defense, but his lack of size is a problem when it comes to switching on defense and the injuries have become an issue the past couple seasons. Offensively he’s really not a true point guard. He’s best when he plays off the ball at #2, he can shoot 3’s, although super streaky type guy. He is a good leader for sure.

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I watch a ton of Piston games. Bey is very streaky, not a good defender, and just an average rebounder and passer. He scores only because he‘s a volume shooter. Trust me…he’s just a guy out there. He’s also not especially quick and his three point shooting has regressed.

Not sure how Wiseman will turn out but I’ve been over Bey since the very start of the season. If he was looking for any significant bump in pay it was a hard pass for me.