Pittsburgh to host 2026 draft



They’ll be the first to challenge our attendance record.


NY Giants
NY Jets

All in what I would call driving range.

I think Green Bay will actually break the record next year

Too small, too hard to get to imo.


There will be people from Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis that will be there. In fact, you will have a lot of people from the Northern States there for that draft……especial from Michigan’s UP

I think you need sort of a perfect storm to set draft records. There’s a reason Tennessee’s lasted so long. It was in KC in 2023 and they didn’t come close, and that was coming off the back of a Super Bowl.

In fact as you can see, most don’t:

Our record won’t be easy to beat, and I certainly don’t expect it to happen in Green Bay


Pat McAfee was pushing it on his show after seeing Detroit CRUSH IT. I really like Pittsburgh getting it. They deserve it. And it brings way more money to the city than a superbowl.

I believe Detroit would have had almost 20% more in our final if they had the capacity. Maybe that is an exaggeration… but they shut a lot of people out.

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Too expensive. Not enough infrastructure. Where are they going to hotel and feed that many?


Thats2 is right.
The people from Chicago, Milwaukee, & Minneapolis will have to go home every night because there definitely aren’t many hotel rooms, especially after the NFL and the networks take up most of them.
Also, every man, woman, and child could come from the U.P. and that still wouldn’t break the record.
Some are going to make a killing turning their home into an AirBnB for a week but it’s going to be a long drive in for most with not much to do after visiting the Packer Shrine.
It will be a nice draft but I doubt they break the 2nd place Nashville record.

So i can go on a roadtrip get to see the draft and eat at Primanti Bros color me intrigued

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Church brewery, or Church street brewery was a cool venue last time I was in Pittsburgh.
Beer was ok, but venue was unique to put it mildly.


There are plenty of hotels in that area. I mean there ain’t a shit ton of hotels in Downtown Detroit either. People will stay in Appleton and Milwaukee is only a hour and a half away. They will fill up that hotel across from the Grewn Bay airport (it’s a Casino hotel)……The Aloft will sell out and there is a newly built hotel right across from Lambeau. Where to stay won’t be an issue at all.

I can be the official tour guide. Hit me up if you want recommendations come '26 on where to stay or eat. Tunnel traffic is a bizzare thing here.

We are speaking of well over 100,000 people per day at the draft.
There is roughly 4,800 hotel rooms in all of Brown County.
People complain about hotels near downtown Detroit but the Marriott Renaissance Center has over 1,300 alone.
Record attendance is achieved by having people travel and stay for the entire weekend. If there is a 90 minute commute each way you will lose a lot of people. That’s like coming to the draft in Detroit and staying in Lansing, Jackson, or Saginaw. Yes, I know there is a Hampton Inn by the stadium but all of those close in properties will be blocked for the NFL, the networks and VIP’s. There will be a minimum 30 minute drive and most will have to commute to the Milwaukee area.
I’m sure it will be fun and may get a large local turnout to drive the numbers, but I just can’t imagine get much over 500k.

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yeah… it’s about 200 miles from Green Bay to Chicago… and almost 300 miles from Minneapolis to Green Bay.

Cities within 300 miles of Detroit….


Inadequate hotel population and parking.Packers games draw 70k, with a ton of that being local who dont use hotels, at least half. So to get to 700k ( and the gates closed on Day 1 and Day 2 around 5-6pm, as there were more that wanted to enter beyind that #), you need 233k a day, with mayyyybe 50k of that local drive-in/out. Packers parking accomodates say 75k. Max, probably less. They have to find 2x more parking in that small city where Packers already use a chunk of public spots? Nuh-uh.

Late April in GB is still cold and let me tell you, it was warmer than normal at the draft this year and as the sun dropped down, the wind picked up and it was a bit nipply. You are standing, not sitting, for 5-12 hours, each day.

Detroit drew from a larger population state (Metro Detroit) has more people than all of Wisconsin), in a more accessible much much larger city, and then from Cleveland, Toronto, Chicago, Indy and more than a few I saw from Cincy and Buffalo.

Very few from anywhere south of Cincy/Louisville, and GB is 300 miles north of Detroit, latitude wise.

A few TB, NOLA and Chiefs from those areas I talked to.

Pitt will be the challenge.

I plan on Pitt, because Im hoping the Pirates are in town and I can cross PNC off my list. PLUS, by 26, they are a good to very good team most likely.


Ain’t that the truth, I used to travel there every other week for six months and getting into and out of the city was a pain.

It will snow 5 ft on draft day with blizzard conditions…

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