Play devil's advocate

Patricia is now basically 0-2 against rookie QBs still in their diapers.

But supposedly he’s a defensive mastermind.

I think he’s a fraud. Merely a product of Belichek’s genius (Pats did, after all, win the Super Bowl last year, shutting down the league’s most prolific offense, without Patricia).

Anyway, play devil’s advocate and prove me wrong.


How can you mastermind a gameplan against something that nobody has ever seen before? Seriously, think about it. If your gift is the ability to sit down with game film and dissect a player and an offense…and there’s no film to dissect…???

That’s one of the reasons why I think some coaches get better as the season goes along, and some get worse. The true gameplanning coaches who rely on film study get better with the more film they get. At any rate, even without knowing what was coming out of the tunnel…our defense absolutely shut the Cardinals down for 3 quarters. There are reasons to be optimistic about this season.


We murdered the very team that you draw comparison to.

We only failed when we abandoned the real gameplan for a conservative approach. It’s a more “we already won, so let’s not lose what we have” vs “let’s continue to beat their ass” approach. We keep running the actual game plan, we win by 3 TDs or more.


I don’t think this is true. I think our D-line and LBs ran out of gas, and Arizona got more aggressive with their pick plays (since the refs didn’t call OPI at all). I really don’t think we changed our game plan on Defense at least- I think it was conditioning and depth. We had Harrison and Daniels, both of whom missed substantial time in training camp, Robinson, and then an UDFA in Strong. With Hand out, and the two big guys at less than peak physical conditions, I think they just got tired, so we couldn’t provide the same pressure in Q3 that we did in Q4.

Now on O, I would have liked to have seen more play action passes in the 4th. They worked all game long, why stop?

How did their defense shut them down? didn’t bill say something about how the lions figured them out?

I would say that anytime you have a rookie HC, regardless of where they came from, he’s going to have to learn the job and all it entails to be the boss instead of the lieutenant. Doubt if there have been many who have stepped into the job with a crap team and done all that well in their 1st two years unless they got hella lucky with a Manning or a Brady to work with, or a kickass defense.

So here’s the deal - we wait and watch how the season goes. Does the coaching improve? (Hard not to, the only way is up, no?) Can they find ways to help the players be more successful? Clearly, they gotta make changes to where Decker isn’t killing the offense all by himself. Can they find ways to run the ball more effectively? Misdirection works well, I thought, can they use that more often?

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Bill Bellichik sucked with the Browns. It’s growing pains. He’s in OJT and experience is the teacher. Hopefully, he’s a fast learner, or he’s going to lose this team and fanbase.


When you go back and look at his time with the Browns with context, he didn’t really suck. He built a program there. Then after he got them to 11-5, the owner decided to move the team and the rug was pulled from under him. He left, but the program he built went on to win the Super Bowl a few years later.


Rushing only 3 men early in the 4th quarter. They did that in prevent. That was a defensive change that took place way too early.

You know who would have been nice on the D-Line in the 4th quarter? Someone that was not really fat and gassed easily, and someone with a high motor.

Mitchell Loewen, DL

Bryant! That’s who! Plus, when they started going no huddle, we could no longer substitute. That, along with the pace, is what did us in. We put the CBs 8 yards off the ball and let them go to work! Dumbest strategy ever, especially given the success we were already having against them with the early game plan.

What sucks is, the entire league saw it, and it’s the perfect blueprint to beat us, given the personnel we have.

That’s a coaching and GM blunder then.
Who is going to be our speed off the edges on the DL? No one? Is that only relegated to the LB crew?

playing the DA here… I can pull one play that turned the game from a win to a tie; the muffed punt.

they get 1st and goal and we held. only a FG with and this all happens after the 2 min warning…

We cover the punt and end the half on time… and the whole stinking 2nd half plays out the same… we win…

want to blame a single person; Agnew baby!

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Bryant, but not until he comes off of IR

O.K. then we need to pick up our version of an edge speed rusher to utilize on some plays. Or, maybe we should have not cut that person yet.

Wasnt this supposed to be a slightly more advanced version of what he and his coach ran in college? There’s your game film.

Also, I guess picking that kid QB up for our practice squad did no good. So much for having secrets.

Actually Bill Belichick credits the Lions for laying the blue print on beating the Rams in the Super Bowl.

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Right, there was pre season tape and college tape of the Kingsbury offense.
I guess the picks were a surprise because they are supposed to be illegal.

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Assembling a top notch gameplan with college and preseason tape?

But as I laugh, we did a good job for 3 quarters. Other teams will certainly build off of the foundation we just laid. I have no doubt that Patricia knows how to gameplan, and we are going to get stronger as the year goes on.

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We did, and yet, in the 4th quarter, it looked like Kingsbury was calling our offense and defense. Inexplicably rookie-ish.

I had to try lol.