Played for the FG w 53 seconds, 48 yards and 3 TOs?! WTF IZZAT?!

Im so angry I stopped drinking.


Unlike us

Reminds me of how we lost @minny last year


From the same guy who went for it on 4th down in his own end of the field.

It’s absolutely baffling.


One of the most underrated miscues in my his game is going to be Goff missing St Brown on that final drive on 2nd and 7. That gives us a first down around the 15 with a timeout and 20 seconds.

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i told AD who I was watching the game with, (and you should consider letting back on the board) when they did that, ‘they lost the game’

He disagreed but turns out I was right. We were already in FG range. Not taking some shots was stupid


That is a great point. We played like chicken shit late in the game. Just letting the clock bleed.


Yep. Goff was very Goffy today. His numbers look good but he made some bone-head mistakes. The pick 6. Throwing at St Browns feet on that 2nd down. Sucks to be a Lions fan today.

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I’m not going to blame anyone but the defense. You can analyze a play here or there, but the defense played like shat the entire game. They got shredded by a good QB with two very good receivers because we got no pressure from our front 4 or 5 against a banged up line and the DBs were atrocious.


This is a valid criticism despite the alcohol maybe talking.

I thought the same thing stone sober .


Im going to defend them a little hutch got held constantly. Again.

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Ironically, the first missed field goal may have won the game for Seattle. If they make that one, rhe Lions would have been down six on the final drive and obviously couldn’t have played conservatively for a field goal.


It’s the nfl. Hutch is going to be held every week. They’ve shown they’re not going to call it. Especially without anyone else on that line getting pressure.


Apparently gibbs ran the wrong route according to Dan.

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Why play conservative on the last drive almost like it was a story?


Naw. Hutch gets to tired its always hutch gets held too much with this board. Im not saying he doesn’t at all.

if that’s true that’s even worse. A dropped huge gain. He was blown up on pass protect. And he runs the wrong route to scuttle a historic streak for Goff


you’re Sparty bias is sneaking out……

and I am neither a Sparty or a Wolverine.

On the other hand… asking Hutch to win 1-on-1 all the time with not much blitzing (straight 4 man rushes) or T-E twists makes his job more difficult. 1 sack in 2 games… on a play that Geno had time to unload the ball…. not a good look!

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Idk where i saw it, but it was posted on this board somewhere

Nothing to do with that but harris was held a ton today as well no talk on that.

Imho the last drive Dan was playing for the feild goal not the win when your at the 27 yard line with 2 time outs why would you run a route short of 10 yards ? I would have loved three shots at the goal line . Running 3 and 4 yard routes make no sense . This is where the game was lost.