Played for the FG w 53 seconds, 48 yards and 3 TOs?! WTF IZZAT?!

These things aren’t mutually exclusive. We ran out of downs because wasting time limited our options

But essentially we ran out of balls. Used then all up apparently on the dumb 4th down attempt.


Yet we stopped them to tie it up.

Thx for adding the 7-10 second part to your position. That’s essentially what I’ve and others have been debating. I’d have been even happier with 30-40 seconds, but now we’re splitting hairs… might be time to just get ready for Atlanta and hope our guys show up for that one.

That was my position from the start. I included it in posts just as the game had finished.

But I also mentioned that bitching too badly about 7-10 seconds seems pretty tough on the staff. Clock management is tricky and that’s a fairly granular complaint.

Agreed. What a fascinating squad they are.

Right but the entire point that everyone is making is that playing the clock hindered our offense and team from going to win.

You might not see it that way it’s fine. But that’s what we all see

In a perfect world yes we score on a walkoff TD

But the TD is priority not the clock

Get it to the 10 then ok milk it , not at the 40

Based off of what evidence? There is none. It’s just a made up point. As @Mr.Peabody put it, it’s just people being angry that we lost and using their imaginations to create a reason and a fall guy for the loss.

Don’t fumble at the 20. Don’t throw a pick 6. Play some actual defense. There are far more defensible arguments as to why we lost the game.

But we didn’t make it to the ten. Why would it have been different under your scenario? Do you think Jared was panicked bc of time? We were using the middle of the field so it’s not like play calls were being dictated by the clock.

Based off of how things turned out the strategy you are suggesting would have meant giving the ball back to Seattle in a tie game with one timeout and around one minute left.

If they had one ass cheek and thrree toes he would’ve beaten their ass, instead he tied it.

Just don’t get how the guy who calls the fake punt in KC ends up making killing the clock to kick a FG top priority.

That’s what I thought. I’m sure they hoped they get a TD, but they sure weren’t trying to get one.

I’m sure the win probability chart shows being up 4 with under a minute to go is way higher than a tie. Even higher at 30 seconds.


I say this because I feel the same way Dan feels when he said ;I do not want to give the ball back to them:; they were passing 10 to 15 yard passes the whole game. It makes no sense to change what has been working the whole game with 50 sec left. Just saying

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Well IMO it does make sense to make adjustments in order to assure that you possess it last more or less.

That being said it’s been beaten death. Seems I don’t agree with money on the topics outside of Dan and Ben. Oh well.

Notice how Dan switched up how he managed the game on Sunday against the Falcons.

He can admit when he is wrong, at least to himself we don’t need a public apology.

Grateful we have that as our coach

Some of that is simply adjusting to the opponent as well.

He’s going to operate differently when facing high powered offenses until the defense proves to him that he doesn’t need to behave that way.