Players taken before mahomes . Mahomes was drafted by detroit tigers

Don’t forget we had Justin Herbert a whole week of practice (Quinntricia regime). I recalled Holmes mentioned something last year relating to college QB. They (Holmes staff) evaluate college QBs thoroughly. I would be curious to find out what was their ranking on Herbert.
If these QBs have a high ranking according to our scouts, we are going to draft a QB. I’m just not sure when i.e. what round it will happen


He said they will always be extremely thorough with every quarterback class, no matter what the apparent situation at the position. It’s far too important a position not to. Paraphrasing.

Looking back, it seems the Lions would’ve drafted Trey Lance, were he available, instead of sewell. The 9ers certainly believed it. Probably, we’re glad it didn’t work out, based on results since, but I think it becomes clear that the beliefs of many here are not supportable. Goff was not brought here to be the guy. He was clearly a bridge.

Has that since changed, given his quality of play? Maybe. But Holmes didn’t intend to shackle himself to goff in the beginning.

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