Playoffs if we win out?

Playing with the ESPN playoff machine. It appears if we win out, there’s a good to fair chance we make the playoffs as a sixth seed.

You can punch me in the face now.


If Minnesota loses tonight. Then we’d just need to win out and haveinnesota lose to Chicago at home the final week of the season. Eagles have to lose once more as well. We have both the tie breaker against the Panthers and the Eagles. Washington has to lose two more but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Winning out and the Vikes folding are the two tricky parts

Yeah, I was finding the same thing. It’s shocking that as awful as this season has been, there’s still a chance to make the playoffs and get our asses kicked by Chicago.

That music you hear is strains of Aerosmith and the ballad “Dream On.”


Thanks for this.

Otherwise, no comment. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Never underestimate the power of Goalpost


My guess is that we win the next 2.

When we play the Pack, it will be a “winner is in” situation.

We’ll be just about winning the game, then something stupid happens from the refs and the Pack pulls it out. There we go. No playoffs. No top ten pick.

That’s my Lions.


Be so much better if we had a couple WRs… The defense is coming together, not great but good enough to win. I REALLY wish we had a creative OC

The Lions made two moves, one for the future and one for the present. It blew up on them with MJ and KJ getting injured and derailing the offense completely. The defense has been solid.

Very true