PLEASE DRAFT TRAVIS JONES... K Walker.... J Tolbert-

Thibz or Hutch- I trust our guys…

32- Trade down (41, 72… ?)

  1. Travis Jones
  2. Kenneth Walker
  3. J Tolbert
  4. Darrian Beavers/C Tindall
  5. JT Woods
  6. P Hendershot

His comp is A’Shawn Robinson.

Loved Tolbert since fall of 2020

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Agreed on Jones. He could be there early in the second. Take him.

I think Jones will be long gone by 32, otherwise, he’s a no brainer. If drafted, Penisini time in Detroit is likely over. Alim is the new backup NT and/or moves to DT, along side Jones by YEAR 2…Goodbye Brockens.

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Is Jones an upgrade over Alim? A substantial enough upgrade to warrant that kind of investment? Are we ok with no DT pass rush if we are playing Jones next to Mcneil? Im all about replacing Brockers but i wonder if Winfrey might be a better fit.

Not much of a Tolbert fan, if we wanted a guy who drops the football I’d rather go with Watson. :smile:

Jones had more sacks that Davis and Wyatt combined?

But do you think Jones will be a better NFL pass rusher than either of those two?

If Jones makes it to 46 sign me up! Him and McNeil stuffing the run makes things easier for the rest of the defense. He can bring pressure up the middle too. Levi rounds out a great DT rotation. Pass rush is there with Hutch/Romeo/Harris/J. Okwara. Young secondary with potential and some timely signings in Elliott/Hughes and great coaching. Add a LB at 97 or maybe trade a pick or two from next year for another Day 2/Early Day 3.

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