Please Stop!

  1. Sewell is 20 years old, playing a new position and nearly 2 years out of consistent football!

  2. Based on the draft capital we swindled, the vast majority believe we regressed significantly at QB.

  3. We needed almost an entire roster purge to reset culture and talent levels.

We have been a 5-6 win team for 2 years. We let most of our best players go this offseason.

There is literally zero reason to be concerned about Sewell, the WR corps, or our safeties. Why? Sewell was given a pass to learn a new position and be 20, and we knew we didn’t have any WRs or safeties back in April.

Please- find a B team to cheer for in 2021. Take the edge off. Personally, I’m looking to see marked improvement from Barnes, Sewell, both Okwaras, Jackson, Hock, Swift, McNeill and Levi. That’s it. If they all get much better throughout the season, then great. If Goff is just Goff, that’s great too!

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You can find a B C D team how many you want I only care about one team an if we have bad couple years I can handle that also.

I am 100% Lion Fan never change an don’t need a B C D team.
You have your opinion thats ok i will stick with my team.


Nobody’s ever gonna stop. Trying to force them into a box that you’d like them to fit into will only cause you disappointment.

That said, I agree with much of what you said.

Chilling out and having fun is a great strategy. A large part of how to do that is not care what a bunch of displaced anger from dudes with funny internet names think.


Gotta start deep in the hole. That way, the only direction you can go is up.
This team’s going to suck. No doubt about it. But I’m ok with that for 1 year. Playoffs 2022 or MCDC is JAC.
(Imagine if MCDC pulls the upset of a lifetime, and gets this squad to the playoffs this year. I mean, that’s what I want. But I don’t EVER get the things I want in football)

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Thanks, man! Been awhile! I needed that!

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You are missing the point sir.

I don’t have a B team. I also don’t really care whether or not I’m capable of predicting our favorite teams 2021 fate.

I know we are light in talent, have a née HC, and a supposedly lesser QB…. Math and Vegas say we win about 5 games right?

So why go crazy about Sewells developement, Goffs check downs, or B Perriman. They are the same 20 year old LT a full year away from football, a guy who struggled with minimal talent around him, and a cut bait journeyman.

We know what we are. Accept it and enjoy the 4-7 wins and progress.


Yeah I agree. I’m not worrying about it yet. But if we’re on game 10, and Sewell looks like this, or is out with injury, my fingernails will getting shorter.

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…at least it’s just your fingernails. :wink:

The only problem is that we’ve been 90% this since 1954. A few people are getting a bit tired of it. Like here we go, another rebuild after all of the rebuilding.

When do we start winning?

But yeah, I agree with you @Lyonfan1, we need to not expect that much this year.

The Lions don’t determine my happiness but them winning will enhance it!!

Give me a win vs SF!!! Then who knows?! :crazy_face::+1::upside_down_face::heart::pray:

Let’s just say, not this season. But woe to my house and loved ones if they shock the world.

When I read post like this I feel like some 20 something is trying to tell us grizzled vets how to be fans. This team has been rebuilding since 1957!


The media is telling us to panic though!!

We need to panic!!!

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I’m comfortable with being patient with this new regime after suffering through the last “train wreck” group. Holmes will build a very competitive roster, it will, however, take time & not happen overnight.

Every hire this exact same thing is said.


But…they’re not saying this.

My HOPE is that we simply show consistent improvement. This means players AND staff. As much as I hated the last staff I would have hated them a lot less if they simply would have made changes when it was clear that their plan wasn’t working, esp on D. By the time we get to the 2nd half of the season we’ll have answered plenty of questions.


IMO, this is a well moderated message board. There are vastly different perceptions, opinions and fundamental understandings. Acceptance is the key. The moderators do a good job with the “Stop”, not so much with the “Please”.


You sure? We haven’t had many bad years here after all. Sarcasm.

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Only 242 days left before the Lions next Superbowl…

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