Please take Thibodeaux

He hates the “astigmatism” of jocks being dumb.
He’s OK with the “astigmatism” of Alabama being an inferior institution for education.

You can have him, you’re number 1. Leave Hutch for the Lowly Lions.


A Lions Fan


Too bad Anderson isn’t coming out until next year.

Way better than either of them.


It’s ok, Thibs. Astigmatisms can usually be fixed with glasses.


At least he didn’t call it a stigmata.

the exorcist father karras GIF


That’s much worse. Say goodbye to ever owning a decent set of sheets again.


I don’t begrudge him for awareness or for his principles or for his social conscience. I admire him for that.

I think all of that will distract him from a tunnel focus on football. I think all of that is a lot more important to him than football, and I think football is mostly a means to those ends for him. That doesn’t mean he’s a turd, but it clouds his commitment and ultimate development as a player for me.

IMO, that’s part of the risk in drafting him and that’s why I’d seriously look for other options if Aidan gets picked at 1OA.

If Hutch goes No 1 overall, best move may be a trade down.

Yep. For all the love we’re giving Suh in the other thread, I want NOTHING to do with a guy talking about “Brand” and doing the same things LeBron James has done. Suh was looking past the Lions the day he was drafted. Thibs has graduated from the church of Nike and is already about life outside of football.


Nor do I.

However, I do begrudge the pseudo-intellectual attitude and baked-in condescension that comes with it. Everything I saw in that clip smacks of a know-it-all who doesn’t really know that much.

edit to add:
Perhaps this is just touching a nerve with me because it’s my pet peeve. The most irritating thing in the world to me is to be talked down to my someone significantly less intelligent.


That’s a rather nearsighted view of such a powerhouse institution of learning like Alabama…


Hmmm… seems like I remember having this concern… like 42 days ago.

Poor situational awareness IMHO

He should be messaging his love of the game…not his enchantment with a brand outside of it.

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So the question that hasn’t been asked is: If Hutch is #10A and Thibs isn’t suitable for #2, who do the Lions pick with no serious trade down offers?

You’re going to have to tell me because I don’t have a ready answer for that.

If they have to pick? Kyle Hamilton.


I draft him irregardless :slight_smile:


I have to agree at this point.

100% brother.

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Bone appltea, my friend.

All of this over him misusing a word and an interesting take on a college?

Geez, hope ya’ll don’t live in glass houses.

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Nearsighted. I see what you did there…