Poll: Chance That The Lions Trade Down From #2?

I’m curious what Denizens think the chances are that the Lions trade down from #2OA in the 2022 draft.

  • 0%
  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 40%
  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 70%
  • Take The Car Keys From Me
  • The Earth Is Flat
  • I’ll Have Another Purple Drank

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I went with 50%. Either they do or they don’t. (I know that’s not how percentages work, lol)


I went with 30 just simply because there aren’t many teams with the “realistic” ammo to trade up. Seattle is about it and I give them about a 30% chance. Outside the top 10 we’re gonna want a king’s ransom for the 2.

Edit: Also that only applies if Seattle hasn’t gone out and aquired Baker Mayfield. If they do that then 30 goes to 0% IMO.

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10%. Anything’s possible, but no way you can convince me that Willis is a “trade up” type of prospect. It’s a top heavy weak class.
I prefer my crow with sweet baby rays.

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Would have gone 5% or lower if available. Couldn’t go zero, always a shot.


I said 70%. I think this is the draft to trade back. Someone will fall in love with a qb or OT and want to get their guy

I’m drinking purple drank right now, so you know how I had to vote.


0 until some smoke picks up for me.

Why smoke when you got purple drank!?

Has to be at least 100% to the zero power.

I’m at 20% right now. I don’t think the Lions are interested in Willis at 2OA. He’s not their guy. I just don’t see it. They’re taking the best D prospect available to them. 20% because teams get desperate to get their guy and if Caroline or Houston or some other desperate franchise falls in love well anything could happen.

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0%. There is no true number one or two this year. No qb worth it as well

This post isn’t intended to rebuke your post, but the exact premise of your post is why “said trade downs” rarely happen…

I would trade #2 and 5th to Sea for #9 and DK…

I would trade #2 for #6 and J Chinn with Car

I would trade #2 for #4 and latter 2nd with Jets?

I would trade #2 for #5 and 2nd with NYG

I would trade #2 for #7 and 2nd, and #112

I would trade #2 and 5th for #20 and #52 and 23’ 1st

I’m sure some in between……

That’s just me…. I’m in on a lot of guys like B Mafe, K Walker, J Dotson, T Jones, Q Walker, L Chenal, L Cine, D Lloyd etc as much as many projected top 10.

All it takes is one team in love with one guy, and one team to be in love.

I’d trade #2 for SEA #9, #40, #41, and either SEA 3Rd or SEA 2023’s 2nd…Pretty even trade…QB Willis in SEA would replace QB Wilson, and begin their re-build. Pete Carroll would love to develop this guy, though Carroll is close to retirement…

Josh Allen, bro!

I think I might eat #2 for Josh Allen. Just for you guys! Take one for the team.

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The exact same egg I’m flexin’n’ crackin’ on

More likely someone would trade up to get Ickey.
That’s why I went 10%. Would have gone 1%, but, that wasn’t an option.

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