Poll: Masked Mob at Ford Field

Sort of like this?


I don’t think so. I think people are just engaging in the discussion as it occurs naturally.

I tried to keep politics out of my posts and thought I did good…not good enough though I guess lol.

I think it’s kind of just become the norm for online discussions. It’s easy to speak your mind freely with no possibility of getting your jaw broken.

I’ve got nothing but love when it comes to anyone here discussing these things so long as they don’t start personally insulting each other. That’s a tough trigger to ignore.


I love the idea of everyone putting on ski masks after a turnover because “We just robbed you”. Listening to the talking heads try to figure out what the hell is happening would be comedy gold.


I hope Holmes walks out in his next press conference wearing a shirt that says “robber” on it. Would that be cool? And then Dan walks out wearing the same shirt, but is also wearing a blue skit mask…ohhhh the intimidation level of our team would grow 100 fold.

And then Dan should start wearing that same blue ski mask on the sideline for all games. You know, cause it’s awesome and really “it’s just a game” so why not have fun with it.

Just ordered my mask boys! I figured with only 1 hole I can yell louder! :rofl:


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The Blue “Gimp”, it has a ring to it.

Dan Campbell in today’s paper:

Judging by news that blue ski masks are backordered on Amazon, at least part of the fanbase agrees. Although as one Lions fan pointed out, the image of a ski mask doesn’t imply taking “what’s ours” as much as it suggests — for some — taking “what’s not yours.”

The conflicting associations is why Dan Campbell answered carefully Friday during his news conference when asked about Gardner-Johnson’s push for blue ski masks.

“Look,” he said, “I told C.J. (Gardner-Johnson) yesterday, I’m like, ‘All right, [just remember we’ve got kids coming to this game, all right, Let’s let them have it and let’s enjoy it, man. It should be loud out there, but let’s remember man, there’s moms and dads with kids around, so let’s keep it somewhat friendly here.’ Anyway, it’s good.”

Campbell doesn’t want to douse Gardner-Johnson’s spirit or dent his burgeoning relationship with the fan base. He is an important addition to the defensive backfield. He’s fearless, and he talks, both directing teammates on the field and boosting them off it.


Right, I think ski masks don’t really fit a ‘villian’. A villain has a little class while stealing your lunch money. More like this:

Campbell clearly sees the stupidity behind this idea. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into some kind of trend, although it may be too late.

Not looking forward to seeing a bunch of idiots running around the stands in blue ski masks. As long as it stays below, let’s say, the 5% of the crowd level I think it will go away pretty quickly. If this has turned into a 50+ % of the crowd thing, we might have to suffer through this ridiculousness for the whole season.

Good job CJ.

I’m surprised we haven’t had a local business jump on this and give up blue ski masks to the first X thousand fans.

Blue Cross Blue Shield would have been a great choice.

I think from listening to Dan you can tell that he’s not condemning it (and certainly has to be careful with CJ), but they aren’t embracing it either. If they were embracing it, the first 5-10K Lions fans tomorrow would be handed a Lions ski mask directly from the Lions.

They can’t stop fans, but they can not participate to try and slow the train.

we shouldn’t wear masks’ util we have done something ! -haven’t played the second game of 2023 but damn “we villians now!” "no hey lets wear dumb@$$ ski masks " …“we bad now !” :roll_eyes: 9/16/23 .

I’m not gonna lie, it’s absolutely hilarious how mad a few of you are getting over this. Calling fans idiots that just want to have fun and wear a ski mask while cheering on their favorite team is uncalled-for.

Whelp, was fun while it lasted…now Seattle is wearing ski masks in the locker room after game trolling the Lions. Man, didnt see it comin! CJGJ Lionized confirmed.

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That’s great lol

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I mean, it doesnt get much more SOL than that, does it?

-Dagger Time

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At least CJGJ backed it up with a great game. Oh wait…

Everyone should have been wearing masks at this game. Brown ones. Made of paper. You can get them at your local grocery store.

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I haven’t seen a real brown bag in quite a while. The plastic ones are horrible for kids.