Poll: What position do you want to see the Lions pick with their 2nd round pick from Minnesota?

  • Cornerback
  • Safety
  • Linebacker
  • Tight End
  • Defensive Tackle

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And a question for the replies: how pissed would you be if the Lions took a QB with this second round pick, knowing who they took in the first round?

If defensive back was a choice, that’s what I’d pick. The Lions could use a safety, a CB, or someone versatile enough to do both.

If the right S or LB is there there that would be great!

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Any of those except tight end. Which one? Guess it depends who is on the board when they’re on the clock.

Expecting back 7 player.

Our LBs are the worse in league. Need to get one soon

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LB or safety for me. Take the best player at either of those 2 positions. DT is also possible. Gotta be defense though.


LB, S or DL are all huge needs. LB is the biggest talent void on the roster.

If they took Willis instead, i’m 1000% ok with it.

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I chose Safety, but, I’m good with a LB, too.
Spend the rest of the picks on Defense.

I went DT, finish the DL and move on. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

Lots of DEs and DTs left. Double down.

trade back and get a LB and S

There are good players all over the defense still on the board. We will have options at 46. Just take one.

No offense unless it’s Willis.

I guess based on who’s available and who may be available with our later picks I went with DT. Honestly though at this point I’m good with whatever Holmes does. I really don’t want a QB but if that’s the way Holmes goes it has my blessing. This guy has added arguably the best offensive player from last years draft and this years draft and added arguably the best defensive player in this years draft as well. All at premium positions. I think with his first off-season being covid restricted he’s done an amazing job managing the roster while trying to add truly elite talent.

Like others LB or S. But definitely a player on defense.

We have a heavy imbalance toward LB on the poll results. No surprise I guess. I don’t think they’ll take one that high though. The Lions just don’t seem to put an emphasis on that position.

I’d prefer them take a LB, I’ve always wanted the Lions to have that sideline to sideline MLB. Similar to a Wagner, Lewis type.

As for taking a QB. Depends on who it is and who is available. If there’s crazy value at QB you do it. Positions like LBs and safety can be filled later in the draft.

I’d like to see a LB.

It’s been a long long long time since we had a good lb group. Just get it fixed

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