Poll: Which playoff QB do you want to see the least?

This will be similar to a previous thread, so I apologize for that, but I also made this a poll.

Now, any QB with a pulse should make us sufficiently nervous. But I was thinking today of QBs I absolutely do NOT want to see in the playoffs (sans Super Bowl, so keep it to NFC).

But either way, here’s the QB I want to see the LEAST:

Matthew Stafford: I know. He’s a statue in the pocket these days. But he threw a few missiles against the Seahawks. With Kupp and Nacua, and his history in Detroit, I would genuinely fear Matt the most. Remember, he sucked 60,000 souls out of Raymond James Stadium a few years ago, at the same time he ended Tom Brady’s career.

And if we play them, it would also mean they finish the season strong.

If Rams don’t make it: Dobbs: Now, do I fear Dobbs? No. Not really. But if the Vikings get into the playoffs with Dobbs, they are playing with house money. We would likely be the ones with the expectations surrounding us, so Dobbs and Co. can just let it rip. Prescott and Hurts would probably be considered a favorite over the Lions, while I think we could beat Brock Purdy. Smith and Carr worry me, but I don’t fear them.

  • Matthew Stafford
  • Joshua Dobbs
  • Brock Purdy
  • Dak Prescott
  • Jalen Hurts
  • Geno Smith
  • Derek Carr
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Hurts and isn’t close. The Eagles offense is loaded with talent


100% correct.


If you went to the QB machine and programmed it for the QB who would be the absolute worst matchup for our defense, it would spit out Jalen Hurts. The offense would go in knowing that they need to put at least 40 on the board for the Lions to have a chance.

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Its hurts and no one else.


Exactly. Great Oline. Talented WRs and a dual threat QB. Plus Swift in the backfield. They have zero weaknesses on offense

Glen would have to get over his reluctance to blitz, because with only 4 rushing Hurts will just move around in the pocket until someone gets open.

Hurts, Dak, Purdy are the only 3 really playing at a high level. Dak has had a very good season and it hasn’t been talked about much.

The one I don’t want to see is Teddy Bridgewater.


You missed the most obvious. Jamar.

I’d hate losing to Stafford most, especially since if the Rams make it they’ll probably have barely snuck in (unless they pretty much win out). The old G beating the new G in Detroit in the playoffs would be pretty painful.

But Hurts and the Eagles for sure in terms of toughest matchup.

Wouldn’t and won’t take any of them for granted, though - guaran-damn-tee you that.

As an added caveat, I don’t want to see any of those QBs in their stadium. They will all be tough enough at Ford Field. Alas, a lot of work yet to do for the Lions and need some damn help from the teams playing the Eagles because if they keep playing like they are, they are going to finish the season 16-1 and none of this will matter.

Where’s the option for Teddy TwoGloves?

He’s for sure the one I want to see least.

I most want to see Hurts, because that means we made it to the NFC Championship game.

Least want to see stafford, because that means we didn’t get a first round bue


Anyone that runs…

Hurts for sure

I want to see Stafford the most. That storyline would be epic

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Very good point.

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Where is Mahomes and Jackson?

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Hurts followed by a not so close second, Purdy.

If its Hurts… you start the game in the 2-minute hurry up offense and don’t let up until the game is over…