Poll: Which team do you hate more?

Reasons to hate each of these teams:


Only team to beat us convincingly during our 8-2 stretch last season

Froze their field and made us look like crap

Kept us out of the playoffs

Cut Baker Mayfield letting him go to the Rams → Mayfield wins the Rams-Raiders game giving us the 6th pick instead of the 12th pick → Essentially cost us the Texans 2024 1st round pick

Traded perennial Lions killer DJ Moore to the Bears

Gave the Bears an extra 2024 1st round pick


Beat us 3 years in a row

Put up 136 points on us over 3 games

Kept us out of the playoffs last year

DK Metcalf

Stealing Quandre Diggs from us

Putting our entire team on the IR potentially ruining this season

Who do you hate more?
  • Panthers
  • Seahawks
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The Cowgirls



The Zebras!!

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