Poll: Who do you like w/trade down?

  • Caleb Farley, CB, VT
  • Christian Darrisaw, OT, VT
  • Mac Jones, QB, Alabama
  • Christian Barmore, DL, Alabama
  • Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa
  • Other

I’d be nice to get another first round next year. Imagine 3 first round picks. The power. The insane draft mocks.


I want WR and/or RB high. I’d be happy if we were the first RB off the board. Would be helpful to know which picks we had. WR and RB in the first and 2nd? Both in first?

You do realize we had a terrible defense, yes?

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Zaven Collins our LBs are Terrible with a capitol T!

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I like them all. So, keep trading down until I was guaranteed 1 of them.


So many teams have shown their hand. The Panthers know the team is trying to move on from Teddy B. The Jets know the team is trying to move on from Darnold. The Broncos also made their desire to move on from Locke public, as have the Eagles with Wentz. Then there are the Colts and Patriots who have no QB worth mentioning on the roster, and the 49ers and WFT have also made it pretty clear that they’d like to move on.

I think it’s going to be pretty likely all 4 QBs are gone by #7, but if not a trade down should be inevitable.

Parsons has been out of the game for a year, plus the off the field stuff, not just rumors, Bucky Brooks personal life (supposed) knowledge of him.

Rousseau has been out a year. Had he played would he have had 15 sacks again? Regressed, proven to be a freak like Chase Young? I guess we put this one on Holmes. I don’t know much about him.

There is no top 10-12 overall talent at safety. I’m not taking Surtain or any other QB in 1… unless a couple trade downs with 2-3 extra picks.

My guy right now would be trading down to #8 and scooping a 3rd

Taking Devonta Adams or J Chase-

If not there, I’d trade down again cheap, 4/5 spots again for just another 3rd and 6th.

At #12-14 I’d take C Barmore or Waddle.


I’m close to that, if we stick within the 8-15 range I like the 3 receivers too, as well as Slater and Darrisaw.

I like JOK too but after those guys (and I seem to be alone in liking him so much) and if all of those guys are gone, I guess I’d go Pitts or Parsons.

Not as big a fan of Barmore, he’s a gamewrecker in attack but has A LOT of work to do defending the run. Thankfully I love the iDL depth this year, Onwuzurike, McNeill, Daviyon Nixon, Shelvin, Togiai, Odighizuwa, Tuipulotu, Bobby Brown… there’s something for everyone. Pretty sure I like all of those guys better than everyone but Kinlaw or Derrick Brown last year (Blacklock, Madubuike, etc…). Hopefully we can add a 2nd rounder and nab one with our 2nd or 3rd round picks.

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From that list? Darrisaw and then Collins

I do like both of the top CBs but I just don’t see that as a giant need

Agree 100%

For me it would be in order Smith, Chase, Slater, Waddle, Darrisaw

Oh and Pitts. I’d have Pitts between Waddle and Darrisaw

Reading and learning. I was unaware that we could get a good iDL this draft. hmmm… I want to treat that position with almost as much importance as QB.

Look at what the DL did for Tampa tonight - just NASTY!


KC’s oline was a mess of course

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Nope! Look at the stat sheet. Mahommes sucks. Just look at the numbers. :wink:

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KC didn’t play particularly well most of the year. And yet they easily made the Super Bowl.

Meaning they weren’t dominant the way they often were in ‘21.

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*If the Lions move on from Trufant they will need another CB.
Farley is a blue chip stud

This team was a wasteland of difference maker/impact players last year.

Now Departing- Matt Stafford, Kenny Golladay, Romeo Okwara (also known as the only 3 impact players on the team)

Lions Mock Army- Dont use 7OA on a impact player , trade down for more magic beanstonks and some more Backus like white bread solid but meh guys!

crushed noo GIF

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I thought Farley would be a better DT!!!


I like Farley a lot too, much more than Surtain. But I also really like Greg Newsome, Asante Samuel and Tyson Campbell in the 2nd, so I’d just as soon wait. Plus I think Farley will be going #9 to Denver or #10 to Dallas.

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Very similar. I think I’d go Waddle, Smith, Darrisaw, Chase, Slater, then one of JOK or Pitts. But that can and almost certainly will change a lot before the draft. I like a lot of guys in that range.