POLL - Who do you think the pick will be? 4/24/21

Who’s the pick at 7?
  • Penei Sewell
  • Rashawn Slater
  • Ja’Marr Chase
  • Devonta Smith
  • Jaylen Waddle
  • Micah Parsons
  • Justin Fields
  • Trey Lance
  • Mac Jones
  • Patrick Surtain II
  • Kyle Pitts

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“Didn’t we just do one of these a couple of weeks ago?” You ask. “Yes” I say. “Well why are we doing another one?” You ask. “Because It’s draft week.” I answer. Also because I wanted to do another one, but that’s not the main reason.

Oh, and no trades, because I feel like I have to say that every time.

And this is what you think, not what you want. I feel like I have to say that too.

I feel like I’m going to be disappointed by them picking Waddle.

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Here’s what I think is going to happen right now…

  1. Lawrence
  2. Wilson
  3. Jones
  4. Pitts
  5. Chase
  6. Parsons
  7. Sewell
  8. Slater
  9. Fields/Lance
  10. Surtain II

When Holmes was describing the type of personality he was trying to bring into the organization…one of the best examples of it (in my mind) is Micah Parsons. But I keep picking Patrick Surtain in these polls.

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With Sewell, Pitts, and Chase off the board the Lions select… OT Slater.

If we take waddle, I will take a dump on my neighbor’s porch. I just need to determine which neighbor.

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So it seems like I’m not the only one buying into the Chase-To-Cincy smoke. I hope that it’s not smoke. I want Sewell.

I think Cincy takes Chase and drafts an OT with their 2nd rd pick

Want Sewell, think Chase, Pitts, and Sewell will be gone by 7.

Think it might be Waddle over Smith if no trade down. John Dorsey drafted Tyreek Hill while with KC and seen firsthand the type of difference such a player can make.

Personally, I’m fine with either Alabama WR or Sewell.

Pitts and Parsons would be mildly disappointing, but I have to assume Holmes & Co know what they’re doing.

I tried to come up with a very detailed response, but my adult beverages will not permit such deep thinking. This quick and simple response is what I have available.

Take Trey Lance if he is still there. The upside is too good to pass up. If we are otherwise stuck at #7, keep it simple and take Parsons. He’s the best defender in the draft and he fills a dire need at LB.

This ^

Guessing quite a bit here, but this is how I could see it playing out if Atl decides they should start looking to the future at QB.

1: Lawrence
2: Wilson
3: Jones
4: Fields
5: Chase or Sewell
6: Chase, Pitts or Sewell

7: Lance

I’m not confident we pass on Sewell if available. But I picked Lance because I’m more confident he’ll be there at 7, he could very well represent the best value left on the board, and personal bias because I want us to draft Lance.

We’re gonna get either Waddel or Sertain…via trade down! :wink:

A lot depends on the Bengals. If they take Chase, I’d be shocked if Sewell doesn’t drop to the Lions.
Now here’s the interesting thing, lets say that Atlanta take Pitts and Miami takes a skill position player which just about everybody assumes is their preference, that’ll leave Fields, Lance and Sewell for the Lions (I’ll guess that the Jones to SF rumors pan out).

If the board falls that way, Holmes’s phone is likely to be ringing off the hook with big offers to trade down or he’ll have quite a choice on his hand with taking the BPA in Sewell or the real high upside QBs. What a decision and honestly, I’d be happy with any direction he takes in that scenario whether it be trade down, Sewell or one of the QBs (as long as it’s not Jones).
Ultimately, I think Cincy takes Chase and the Lions take Sewell.

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Why would Atlanta take Pitts?

Why not?

If they’re rolling with Ryan, why not give him arguably the biggest weapon in the draft?
Some rumors are starting to bubble up that they really like Pitts too.

And damn you replied fast, I literally just finished typing out my post when you replied.

The “why not” is easy. The question is WHY. It would be hard to find many teams where Pitts is a worse need than in Atlanta.

If we take waddle after a trade down my neighbors should be safe.

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I explained why. If they’re keeping Ryan and looking to compete now, why wouldn’t they look to draft arguably the biggest offensive weapon in the draft?

I’m not the only who thinks this by the way, there are mocks that have him going to Atlanta and it makes sense to me if they’re not taking a QB. Sewell would make some sense too. Why do you think Pitts would be a bad fit? The strength of their offense is at receiver. He’d fit seamlessly, no pun intended.

LOL - rooting for you and your neighbors