POLL - Who TODAY do you want the Lions to pick at 7?

This is mostly for my curiosity but I’m sure there are others that are interested in who the consensus guy is on The Den right now.

Today, who do you want the Lions to pick at 7?
  • Micah Parsons
  • Caleb Farley
  • Patrick Surtain II
  • Gregory Rousseau
  • Kwity Paye
  • Christian Barmore
  • Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah
  • Justin Fields
  • Trey Lance
  • Mac Jones
  • Ja’Marr Chase
  • Devonta Smith
  • Jaylen Waddle
  • Kyle Pitts
  • Rashawn Slater

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I left out Lawrence and Wilson because they look like locks to go 1 and 2. I included the other 3 guys because we still aren’t totally sure who the 49ers traded up for. I also left out Penei Sewell, because a. we all would probably pick him and b. I think it’s unlikely he’s available at 7.

I tried to include everyone that is realistically in play. I know we have a lot of Zaven Collins fans but I don’t see him as “realistically in play” at 7. I don’t really see guys like JOK and Paye like that either but they are more so than Collins IMO.

So have fun. This should be interesting.

My money is on Parsons to be the favorite.

And this is total want to, not what you think will happen. You are in charge with this, hence my pick of Fields.

So I picked Fields, but since that’s not happening realistically, I’m on the Devonta Smith train.

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Chase should run away with this. It would have been a closer poll if you added Sewell, who is not a lock to go before 7 IMO not in a draft this volatile filled with QBs and premier skill position talents.

It’s crazy looking at this draft compared to last year. Light years better in the top 10.


I could see it, but the fit with the Bengals is hard for me to think he’s getting past them. Could happen though.

If we have to pick at 7 and Sewell is gone, I’d go with Waddle, but I greatly prefer a trade down. And if we fall to the 15+ range, I’d go with JOK.

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Devonta Smith. MCD want receivers to get separation and to have reliable hands. Character and football IQ too.


I’d love to add Smith, but if Sewell is there, that’s my pick all day.

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I voted Trey Lance because we can trade him for a haul

2 things I notice here…

  1. Hoping for trade down
  2. anyone else notice all the best looking dudes vote for Waddel? Can’t be coincidence can it?

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I just think Waddle will be a difference-maker at a Tyreek Hill level. And, certainly, the Lions-have both a short term and long term need at WR.


I voted for Fields, just for you.

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To me, the big takeaway isn’t that Parsons is leading (barely) as of right now. It’s that a lot of people want the Lions to draft a WR. Which isn’t surprising.

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There was a time when Smith wasn’t even winning the wide receiver poll, and now he is 2nd in this all encompassing poll. Good for you guys, it shows you are paying attention.

I went with Slater. He solidifies the OLine and gives the Lions the best value at 7.

The percentage is almost 80% of the votes that people want either one of the “big 3” WRs or Parsons. That seems to be the overall consensus on the board currently. Give them a big 3 WR or Parsons. It makes sense of course too.


Team speed, Mr Skywalker!


I chose Gregory Rousseau DE

I feel like the appropriate number of votes for Kyle Pitts have been cast so far. :grin:

If they can’t move out of the pick I want DeVonta Smith. I know he’s a twig. He’s also an assassin so it’ll balance out.

Well, Sewell if he’s there but I still really struggle seeing that as a possibility.