Position groups pre free agency and draft

I was just thinking and trying to figure out the best position group on the team, currently. Last year it seemed like the D-Line was primed to be loaded with good depth, yet it was perhaps the weakest position group on the team. Now, I sit here and cannot come up with a position group that I am completely satisfied with.

QB - Back to back back injuries to the starter. Garbage back ups still.
O-Line - Average at best. Might lose our best lineman to FA. Both tackles are blah.
TE - on paper it was better. On the field it was not. If TJH comes back 100% it should be ok, but not great depth at all.
WR - perhaps the least of my concerns, which sucks, because it’s the last position group to fill on a team in my opinion. Same guys who can get the job done, but severely lacks elite speed and someone to take the lid off the offense.
RB - nothing but question marks. Still no bell cow or true home run threat.

Interior D-Line - huge weakness. New hole with Snacks bailing.
DE - Same. Could be moved from mediocre to a strength if we get Young.
LB - screams mediocre. Can’t say I like much of anyone at LB. Maybe Tavai will develop into a solid player. Can’t wait to upgrade Davis.
CB - if we sign Slay it will still be ok at best. Lose him and it’s another glaring weakness.
S - well below league average. Got some young pieces. Hoping they make that jump right now or it’s just a group of guys. Hoping they surprise me, but I’d like to get a ball hawk who can change the momentum of games in 1 play.

How do you see it? Of course, an elite pass rusher could help the secondary immensely, so someone like Young could realistically improve 3 position groups at once. Still seems like a lot more holes than we were facing a few years ago.


I agree with juuuuust about all of this.

LBs are average at best. I think DE is Inc, due to injuries. DT is a hot mess. DBs may be okay, but we won’t know until we have an average-ish DL. I think we have some young DBs who have yet to reach their ceiling. Want to keep slay and replace Melvin.

On O, Bevell has been our saving grace (hopefully the new DC can have a similar impact on the D). Our OL is average, our RBs are considerably below average. Love our starting QB, but nothing behind him. If you base it on scores of games, we may have been okay fielding our backup, IF we had a decent D, which we didn’t have. I like our WR group, but Amendola’s age is concerning, and we don’ t appear to have much depth, in the event of an emergency. Tate should would have helped. LOL. TE group will do will, I feel.

Not a lot of room for error for Quinn here.


Here’s how I see it.

Biggest needs are DT, OG, DE/Edge, RB, CB, WR, LB, OT, S, TE.

QB - We need better depth. I’d love to see a veteran #2 and a young development type. I’m not sold on Blough.

RB - I think we need on more. A true 3 down starter. Without one this unit is subpar. We can’t afford another subpar year here.

WR - I think we desperately need a solid route runner. Preferably one with speed. I believe this is the year to get one too.

TE - I’m probably more in hope mode but I like the group on paper. But they way under performed last year. BQ probably won’t put much effort into adding to the group.

OT - Mediocre but serviceable. I’m not expecting us to add much to this group. Maybe some cheap developmental depth.

IOL - With GG hitting FA this is a big need. I honestly think we target a FA here. If not I would expect this to be a focal point in the draft.

OL - Overall if we add a rookie OG than I’d expect our OL to be below average. A veteran like Thuney and I think we’re above average. I expect us to make a run at a veteran OG in FA.

DL - I think we need 3 starters. Two DT’s and a DE. Or at least another pass rush specialist. We’re likely targeting DL in both FA and the draft. I feel this is our biggest need and the biggest reason our defense sucked last year.

LBer - This group is below average and slow. We need an infusion of talent here but FA and the draft don’t offer the best options. I do believe this unit could be serviceable with better play. We probably need to add a quality veteran leader to this group. This group is very disappointing for the investment made.

CB - If Slay returns than we just need a quality #2. If Slay is traded this suddenly becomes our second worst unit. I suspect we will target CB in FA and at some point in the draft.

S - I think our safety play was meh. The unit underperformed and was a weakness. Don’t be surprised if we target a FA here.

My random thoughts on roster building.

I think the Lions have to fix the DL in FA. But once that’s done the rest of the defense is serviceable if we improve depth. Personally I think we should add as many FA defensive playmakers as we can. At any position. If they manage to bring the defense to above average (I think they can) then I’d like to see them target offense in this draft.

Let’s say we get out of FA a starting OG, 2 DT’s and a CB to play opposite of Slay. That’s very doable.

We can then in the draft. Trade down (twice preferably) Add someone like Simmons, McKinnley, Chaisson, Kinlaw etc to our defense. Then in round two add a RB, and WR then I think our offense would be top 10 and our defense above average. That’s a playoff contender all day.


I think the LB’ers have been our worst unit, even though TE has been historically bad. My assessments aside for the moment. I’d like to get some pieces for the defense and an offensive guard in FA. I don’t regard Slay as a problem. We can give him a contract or force him to play under the tag after this year.
That means Thuney OT, Reader DT, And dumping a carload of cash on Judon. That is a pass rusher. Three starters, a guard, a DT and a passrusher. All three upgrades. Give me a small trade down. (Okudah or Simmons)and Murray or Patrick Queen with the twenty six and a RB in the second. Five upgrades to starters,

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