Positions that we will fill off the waiver wire

I see the following as obvious waiver wire pickup needs. WR is still the number 1 pickup need even with the current injuries. I would go as far as that we need 2 wrs off the waiver wire or trades. Thankfully, we have 4 TEs that can play and take up the some of wr slack, lack of depth, if need be. Guard/Center is a close 2nd especially with Ragnow going down. 3rd of course is mlb with the Davis injury. I hope Quinn shines with some waiver wire moves. Does anybody see potential candidates on other teams since I don’t watch other teams in the preseason? P.S. a good backup QB would be nice.

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Don’t see how Guard can’t be our number one need. WR is fine. And we are deep at LB and won’t find anyone better than who we have. But Guard? We were week and shallow there before we lost Ragnow.


We only have three WRs and no depth. Every WR vying for the 4th and 5th spots has shown nothing in the preseason games. We hear of WRs doing so well in practice but not one has shown it in any of the preseason games. All I’ve seen is a lot of drops in the games or lack of separation.

We only need three starting quality WRs. Lacy, Powell, and all the rest are all superfluous. With the RB and TE depth we have this year we won’t run many 4 WR sets anyway.

On the other hand, we don’t have any quality starting guards right now.

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Ok guard 1st need and wrs 2nd need. A WR injury will put us behind the 8 ball.

2 TE and 2 RB sets will be common. We will field less WRs than most teams. Read an article a few months back referencing how Bevell likes to run a lot of what the call 12 personnel . We are projected to be one of the leaders in 12 personnel packages, this season. The leader last year ran 12 personnel sets 37% of the time. Based on what that article projected, we’ll be in a 12 personnel set about 35% of the time. We will also use some FB this year. I have no clue how many plays we will use a FB, but this will also cut into the time we spend with 3 WR sets.

I see a lot of people putting it in terms of replacing Tate’s production. Apples and oranges. While a lot of the production offensive production will come from TE, and hopefully RB, it will look nothing like what we did with Tate. Ty Johnson had a nice snag out of the backfield last night. Can we use him like Riddick? Time will tell.

Truthfully, Qunn/Patricia put a lot of energy, time and effort into beefing up the D. Our D is going to be better than the offense this year. We will win the battles of field position, turnover ratio, and time of possession, most weeks. While I hope we can have a top offense, in all honesty, I think middle of the pack is best case scenario, given the OL we are fielding. I expect us to win a lot of games, but I think we’ll be doing it with a top 1-5 defense, and a good Kicker!

Expecting a lot of defensive slug outs, with last minute drives for FGs.

10-11 wins, this year, if we have reasonable health at QB and OL. Here’s to hoping Ragnow is healthy!

WR is a concern because 2 of them just are returning from prior injury KG and MJ…Danny A is “OK” , But you NEED a 4th WR that can freaking PLAY because injuries happen all the dang time AND a WR that has been already injured before…“CAN” get reinjured more easily. I 'm not certain Powell is anything to think HE is the one that can ball IF/WHEN another starter gets injured. Lacy isn’t wonderful either…in fact I haven’t seen any WR stand out we already have…behind Golladay, Marvin Jones, and maybe Danny A.

Is it realistic to discount your top 3 receivers and expect a team to have so much depth at the position that their #4 can function as a #1? How many teams have that kind of depth at receiver? When I look at the NFL depth charts, I’m not seeing it. I think people are being a little unrealistic here.

Hell, for years we didn’t even have a competent #2 receiver, much less a #3. Now we have competence at 1, 2 and 3 and people are like “OMG what if our 4 has to be our 1, what are we gonna do!” LOL

Look no further than our own division… Here are the “depth” receivers…
Vikings - Olabisi Johnson, Chad Beebe
Bears - Javon Wims, Riley Ridley, Cordelle Patterson
GB - Jake Kumerow, Trevor Davis, Darrius Shepherd

I’d say we’re on par with the quality of our depth receivers