Possible cuts around the NFL

There have been a few teams that have caught my wye for having deep position groups, which might result in a decent player getting cut when the 53-man roster is due.

The Bills seem to have a hot battle at CB, and the Patriots have at least 7 WRs that I think could be on a NFL roster.

The Steelers may also have too many WRs to keep.
Steven Sims might be their KR/PR… so that might make a tough decision at final cuts…

Curious to see if anyone else has noticed an interesting camp battle that could result in a surprising cut soon.

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Honestly I’d have our head on a swivel for a high end KR option that adds ST coverage value.

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decent LB’s, DT’s, QB…


A few:

Britain Covey or Devon Allen: Eagles likely won’t keep both. Covey is a threat as a big time returner but offers little else. Allen would be a lottery ticket. Obscene athleticism. Maybe you can keep him on the roster and let him pull a hammy or something before Jamo comes back :slight_smile: :grinning:

Zonovan Knight - probably makes the Jets as a KR. If not I’d be all over him. Comparable to our RB3s and a boss as a KR.

MyKael Wright - ran slow as molasses but played fast for Oregon and was a talented KR. Not sure if he could function as a gunner.

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I think we should be looking at OTs that are cut mainly an right type of LB.

I don’t like are back up OTs Skinner is not a solid Backup an Nelson think we have maybe just had a bad game i hope that was the case.

So i hope we look for a OT that is a cut.

By Way Pitman played very well we may have a keeper at LB Watch him next game closer.

Jameson Williams ??

They need to find some DT depth that can stop the run!!


We need this guy.

Unfortunately he’s getting 1st team reps over there.

Also how did we not get this guy and let him end up in Philly?

This! We need some serious depth at defensive tackle. Especially a guy who weighs 300 plus. It’s our weakest position and I’m surprised we didn’t target anyone in free agency.


Lions release TE Garrett Griffin, TE UDFA Nolan Givan, C Ryan McCollum

Puts them at 87, two more?

Nothing wrong with our QB unless you’re alluding to backup.

Oh I;m eluding , welcome Tucker.

We are still 2nd on the waiver priority, correct?

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He could be a star returner, he was at Bama. But I don’t think we’ll risk it and they will just use him on offense. Returning kicks and punts is a dangerous gig.

Maybe just once in a while! Man he’s fast. It’ll be tempting to use him, especially late in close games.

Linebacker is pretty close as well.

We actually don’t have to cut anyone as we have 5 players of our 90 on the PUP list.

Suh is still available. I say after Training Camp…Go get him.

Suh doesn’t strike me as a Campbell type player. He was more cerebral and looking outside the game/bigger picture and would think Campbell’s biting knees stuff silly.

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Jalen Wydermyer TE cut by the Bills. A little shocked by this.

What happened to this kid?

Here’s some beef at NT. Maybe a practice squad pick up? 6’1 - 340lbs. Was released by the Chargers.

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