Possible MVP gets called a Bum by reporter

Got to Love the possible MVP’s response even though I hate him generally especially when he plays the Lions. https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/hes-an-absolute-bum-aaron-rodgers-responds-to-nfl-reporter-mvp-voter-who-called-him-a-bad-guy


Rodgers is spot on! The sportswriter is a clown.

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Somebody just lost their cushy “journalist-activist” job.

Free speech and consequences cuts both ways smarmy smug dime a dozen mouthpiece


This is the same guy who said he would take the Bears 8-8 roster over the Packers 13-3 roster in 2019.

This guy has more hot takes than me. I’m not a journalist, and I certainly don’t have any MVP votes.


And that just shows you how stupid the process of deciding the major award winners is. Let the players vote on it. They know who the best players are. Instead a bunch of chubby sports writers that have never played football before decide it. It just makes no sense.

Same thing goes for the hall of fame voting.


Here’s the video, cued up at the proper time:


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I don’t care what some reporter says about his MVP vote. Most if not all of the voters never played a down of professional football, or coached at the professional level.

The only way I would ever give credibility or value towards these awards would be with peer voting. Remember the “All-Madden Team” every year. Players wanted to be All-Madden rather and Pro Bowl. They knew it meant more coming from a person who played and coached at the pro level.

Roughly 2,000 player votes (63 * 32). Included +10 practice squad players.

To be eligible to vote a player must be on a roster (practice squad included) for minimum 6 weeks during the NFL season.

Have players fill out an official awards voting ballot after the final week of the season.

Cannot vote for yourself or teammates.

Announce the awards during the Wild-Card weekend.

Then we won’t have to hear some “bum” reporter talking about some “bum” QB.


Edit: LINK to voters

I stand corrected…there’s a handful of former NFL players and coaches who vote. I still feel strongly about former/current coaches and players voting rather than journalist.

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Rodgers is a jerk and and is no MVP .

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Jerk or not he is having mvp type numbers this year.


Regardless of what you think of Rodgers as a person, good, bad or otherwise. The award is called the Most Valuable Player. Without Rodgers, the Packers would have 5 or 6 wins tops. With him they are getting a first round bye and home field throughout the playoffs. He has thrown 4 ints all season. Some QB’s do that in a single game. See Baker Mayfield. lol Even Stafford has 5 in his last 2 games.


Rogers is absolutely the MVP…its not even close imo. Arkush is a big Bears homer as well so im sure he hates Rodgers, you know, for “owning” the Bears.


What’s stupid (and Hub Arkush is deeply stupid; I say this having lived in Chicago and listened to his yammering for several years). But what’s stupid is that he actually has half of a defensible argument. You can make the case that Rodgers selfishly caused a big distraction all last offseason. I wouldn’t make that case, but I don’t think it’s an invalid reason to argue that somebody else is more deserving of your MVP vote.

HOWEVER, if you’re going to make that case, you do kind of need to look at the results: Number one seed in the conference, early super bowl favorite. If Rodgers was a distraction, seems like he’s kinda made up for it…


Aaron Rodgers is the biggest tool in all of sports. I hate the man with a passion.

That said…I will defend him to the death on this.

Grub Farkish should lose his voting rights.

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If the NFL cared about their successful players being raging assholes, they wouldn’t be playing for the “Vince Lombardi” Trophy every year.


‘most vaccinated player’ though did make me laugh. it’s even more funny how twisted up Rodgers got about it. If he had shrugged it off it wouldn’t have been near as funny

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“Most if not all of the voters never played a down of professional football, or coached at the professional level.”

Neither is anyone here. Guess we all gotta stop posting our opinions.

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