Post Draft and Free Agency Poll - New Starters

How many new starters will the Lions have in 2023. To clarify they must start on opening day and not on the Lions 2022 roster.

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Sutton, Gardner-Johnson, Marvin Jones, Campbell, LaPorta, and Montgomery are all locks IMO.

If Montgomery doesn’t take the first carry then Gibbs will. Regardless we’ll have a new starter at RB.

Is Tracy healthy for game one? If not then I can easily see us rolling with Branch and CJGJ at the nickel and SS in some form or fashion.

Also is Moseley healthy? I would think he starts over Jacobs but I could be wrong.

So at least 6.

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If we are talking just draft… i say gibbs will get “starter” shared reps with montgomery… campbell and laporta for opening day… and branch depends on walkers health.

If we are talking total offseason…

Moseley, sutton, cjgj, campbell, laporta, big v, montgomery/gibbs (true rotation starter doesnt mean much), reynolds/jones jr until jamo is back, branch/walker

Going with 9 positions where there is a different starter than where we ended the year, with up to 4 rookies getting significant starter share reps, and likely a few other rookies getting more traditional rotational reps like martin and maybe even green while jamo is out.

Since you said not on 2022 roster…

That means net new of 6 depending on branch

My personal belief is that he is. I’m not a doctor, obviously have not seen his medicals. But it seems like all he’s been doing since day 1 is working out. He has really put in the work.

We had a roster that we could win with before the draft started.
Day 1 starters?:rofl:
Guys who would have started two years ago? Everyone except Hooker.
Guys who will be in the rotation day 1?
Gibbs, LaPorta, Martin.

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Pretty much my thought. The only one I do not think is a lock at starter is LaPorta, he definitely will be in on 3rd and long, but I think on 1st down it might be Wright due to blocking. Training camp and pre-season will be interesting

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4 new starters on opening day is leading this poll… I do not see that. This roster is much too loaded for that.

Oh maybe you mean the draft and free agency combined… well then it makes much more sense.

Went with six. Laporta, both CB’s, Campbell, Gardner-Johnsn and Jones Jr. Could have added Big V, but don’t think he counts.

Me too, except if its first down, I think Wright starts. And I think they have AA start for the first few games. But I put Glasgow in at G who I think beats out Big V, and Monty of course.

I assumed, given the LAST 3 DAYS, the Topic referred, exclusively, to the DRAFT…- GOALPOST

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Sutton, Moseley, CGJ, Gibbs, Jones, Glasgow

Does ST count for new starters?
Thinking Branch for certain.

If special teams count, Barnes will be starting! I know one poster who will be pumped.

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Draft and free agents. Criteria not on last years rosters.

I changed title to help, even though the criteria was in the text.

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Barnes will not count since he was on last years roster.

Yes, I know it was just a little joke.


It depends on health in the case of Moesley and VaiTai.
If both are healthy, it’s Sutton, CJGJ, Moseley, Montgomery, Glasgow (if VaiTai can’t go), Jones, Gibbs and LaPorta so 7 or 8.