Post-FA Mock Drafts

Figured I’d run some mocks now that we see what this team will mostly look like after what looks to be the majority of free agents are signed.

Couple options. I’d be fine with either of these things. I worked under the assumption that Hutch was gone at 1 (and that’s what happened in these mocks). Obviously not everyone would agree with this and we’d all do a lot of things differently, but I feel like there’s value and need for each of these picks.

Think I like the second one best simply put I don’t want Hamilton at 2, will go with Thibs and believe that these coaches will get it out of him.

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Kevin Austin at #181 and Jalen Tolbert at #66. Sign me up!! Lots to like about Chenal, but does he have any coverage instincts? IDK.

Not really, but he’s a better tackler than anyone on this defense, so sign me up!


Honestly, if they can trade down and get their top WR, I’d be incredibly happy.

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I love the 2nd one.

I’d prefer a trade down… Jermaine Johnson at #4 and add Travis Jones or P Winfrey with the added 2nd. Love the rest.

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Problem solved :joy:


these mocks… with players going 2 rounds later than the majority expect them to go…. :drooling_face::upside_down_face:

It’s boredom. Watching Rutgers/ND on the other monitor.

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a B+ grade for getting Quay Walker at #66?

I hope we could be that lucky…

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Both UGA LB were there at that spot, the other one was still there at 69

Just did one on PFF man the trade offers came fast from 2 to 4&10 then 4 to 9 picks next season and more. It’s more unrealistic than PFN

I’d love a trade down too. I just hate doing them in mock drafts because it seems so unrealistic.

I can’t copy and paste I’m an idiot. Lol

I had a similar one.

Trade to Jets for #4 and #35

Travon Walker- at 6’5” and 275 he’s got the speed and fluidity to play a monster edge in a 3-4… or the overall length to ply rush 5 technique in a 3-4… or prototype DE in a 4-3…. That 4.51 speed on a frame that could easily carry 268 or 280 is awesome! He’s also a year of school less than Hutch, and given their abundance of riches in GA, his production was in 50% snap duty. I think like D Hunter, he’s a guy who will peak as a pro.

Jaquan Brisker- I like him as a partner to Tracy Walker and has the speed and bulk to be versatile.

Breece Hall- I’m sorry but at 220 with 4.3 speed and hands, I can’t hell but think about what J Taylor would look like behind our OL, and then I see Hall sitting there. With a more confident Goff, a stud OL, Hock back, and an improved WR room, I think the home run hammer is an easy pick.

Leo Chenal- down hill thumper and rusher. I see a Clay Mathews type here.

J Tolbert- long and fast and productive.

B Asamoah- good coverage LB

J woods- redzone monster



B Hall/Swift

Chark/J Tolbert



Hock/J Woods

Decker, Jackson, Ragz, Big V, Sewell- depth too

Levi O/Brockers
T Walker/Cornell

C Harris/A Bryant


Romeo O/Julian O


T Walker/C Moore
Brisker/W Harris


I’ll add this …. it isn’t just the snap count.

UGA had him at 5-tech at times… they had him occupy blocks on designed blitzes to free up LBs, and he even dropped into coverage occasionally.

I just like to mention this because I have seen some comments mention a “lack of production” with his 6 sacks… but he wasn’t rushing the passer every snap on passing downs.

I’d imagine some of the scouts kept track and perhaps calculated a “pressure rate” based on his snaps taken as a true rusher from the edge… and I imagine it is quite high.

As I said PFN more unrealistic than PFF is.
But I like this one, lol.

New one on PFN trade offer immediately
Trade 2 to Houston
for 3, 37, 68 and next yr 2nd from Houston

3 Thibs DE
32 D London WR
34 D Wyatt DL

Trade #37 and 181 to Indy
for #42 and #82

42 Pitre Safety
66 Travis Jones DT
68 Q Walker LB
82 D Bell WR
97 B Asamoah LB
177 C Kolar TE