Post-Senior Bowl Mock Draft 56.0

#6OA Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon

I’m hoping for a small TD with the Raiders or Panthers and still taking Speedy Gonzalez.

#18OA Lukas Van Ness, DL, Iowa

Don’t freak. Lukas will be available at #18. When have I ever been wrong?

#49OA Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi St

He’s a Thrift Shop Devon Witherspoon. I’m gonna pop a tag.

#56OA John Michael Schmitz, C/OG, Minnesota

His age causes a mini-slide. The Lions pounce and Hank Fraley moonwalks to the Waffle House.

#82OA Daiyon Henley, LB, Washington St

Run to the podium, give him the green dot, and exit the Analzone.

#155A Jerrod Clark, NT, Coastal Carolina

Use some of the Gonzalez TD capital to get ahead of Pittsburgh who would otherwise snag Jerrod at 154. “Former Coastal Carolina nose tackle Jerrod Clark said he’s met with Tomlin twice and both times the head coach of the Steelers gave him some points of emphasis for him to work on the rest of the week.”

#184OA Marte Mapu, S/NB, Sacramento State

#195OA Shaquan Davis, WR, South Carolina State


“Mock Draft 56.0”

Love it, you tag-poppin’ foo.


That would be great. Doubt many of those guys slide that far though.


Can’t wait for 57.0:)

Pretty good draft.

The only thing I question a little, not just yours, but I see this a lot, is the value of drafting another DE toward the top of the draft. We now have Paschal, Cominsky, and Hutch. We might lose Romeo possibly. I assume we resign Cominsky.

Where I see the Lions needing the biggest upgrades is rush defense interior defenders (DL) and pass defending corners (our corners are pretty good at run D). I think Alim actually does a decent job of rushing the passer when he is allowed to do just that. Buggs played okay for us, and seems like a lockerroom guy, but I think he works better as part of the 2nd line. Assuming again, we resign. Levi O is a giant question mark too. We definitely need some help the most their IMHO.

I see us replacing guys who I think are likely to be gone like Austin Bryant, Brockers, possibly Charles Harris. Bryant and Harris are not good run defenders. I think more of an EDGE guy in the mold of James Houston (also not a great run defender…yet anyway) is what we need on the outside to likely replace those guys. Then beef up that interior line

The OC from Minnesota had a great Senior Bowl IMO. He is the sort of combo OC/OG we could really use especially if he can fill out that RG spot.

I need to look at Henley. I’ve read good things.

I’m guessing your order of greatest reaches is Schmitz, then Clark, then Forbes. Am I right? In my special world, all 8 are within the Goldie Locks zone, though I wouldn’t be floored if those 3 were gone.

I think Clark could be there at 155 and I’d absolutely love it. IMO Forbes may sneak into the first round. Just takes one team prioritizing turnovers. Schmitz is center 1 and is probably going in the top 40 picks. I think Henley is going early round 3.

So nothing that egregious and I do like the draft.


Would be an A+

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