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Fell down a rabbit hole today, and watched a few different people. I hadn’t heard of either of these guy, very different approaches, but I really liked both.

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I’m a George Carlin guy!!

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Some of The Best of “All Over the Map” | JEFF DUNHAM - YouTube

We saw him in Vegas years ago, only show I have ever laughed from beginning to end.

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Over 50 club here… love Carlin!


Be warned, they’re dirty Comics.
Louis Katz
Dave Attell
Doug Stanhope


Dunham is pretty funny. The dead terrorist character cracks me up.

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Seven words… Saw him in Waukegan, Il at the Genesee theater


Surprise, surprise Trailer Park Supervisor Jim Lahey likes dirty jokes.

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Haha I was watching old episodes last night. Bubbles had his puppet Conky out, lol

I like watching some of the up-and-comers (that’s what she said) comedians who have been honing their craft for years, and just haven’t caught the “big break” yet. Some of them are freaking gold!

To name a few


Anybody but Dane Cook

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This guy’s hilarious…

Rob Little is awesome. Sorry, not sure how to share his clips on utube.

Lol… I went to school with Rob. Good guy!

chris rock is the best

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