Postgame thoughts

Goff looked awful for 3 quarters. halfway into the 4th I was thinking how his stats would make him look better than he actually played. He played really well in the 4th. I hope that’s the same Goff we see going forward. I would have liked to have seen him take some shots to win the game on that last set of downs.

RBs and OL were awesome. Matt Nelson, not so much, but overall very strong lanes. Jamaal Williams is much better than expected for me. Swift looked great, minus 2 drops.

Hock is a beast. We already all knew that, but he just confirmed it.

Defense blows. Feels worse than the Patricia era. They need to rebuild it a lot, but we were far worse than expected.

Siebert went 1 for 2 and even on the miss he had the leg, just barely missed


Jonah Jackson has me just a bit worried. More than Nelson at this point.

Vaitai next to Ragnow made for some nice running lanes.

The DL was astoundingly porous.


I was impressed with Vaitai today

The criticism of “Stat Patford” was always true and it remains true in this game when reviewing Goff’s final numbers.

SF was in prevent virtually the entire second half.

Overall, Goff was barely serviceable. Lack of WRs hurts, but he also didn’t take advantage of the run game success.

Defense is atrocious.

Play calling suspect.

Long year ahead. At least they made it fun in the end.


I feel like Goff was more willing to actually throw the ball down the field in the end. That’s all we need from him, more confidence. That’s what I want to carry over. I still am expecting no more than 3-4 wins this year if we’re lucky


Yeah, today we could see why Fraley likes him.

IMHO, the short game will win more games than throwing jump balls to below average WRs. That’s just where the talent level of this team is right now.

I actually thought Goff played OK in the 4th and better in the 2nd and 3rd.


I don’t agree that Goff was awful. Awful had one off the charts awful play and another regrettable one (the St. Brown misfire). He hits both of those he plays well enough to perhaps lead a crappy roster to a victory over a very good team that played well.

He shat the bad a couple of plays and he was in general less accurate than he was accustomed to. He probably also needs to be pushed to be a shade more aggressive. But he wasn’t terrible. Folks act like he played like Mike McMahon.


Defense was atrocious. More specifically tackling was atrocious. If we can fix that we can make a sharp correction back towards slightly below average.


He had some pretty brutal misses

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Sewell did not get blown up. Looked like a natural at LT.

Once they took Williams out and put Cephus in his place the offense started to click a bit better. Also Raymond needs more touches


Goff didn’t play well but I disagree with barely serviceable. He had some poor throws but he had like 4 drops too. Not sure I saw anything that made me think that Stafford was two first round picks better than him.


Matt Stafford won 8-10 games in TEN SEASONS against a team as good as SF…. We all know the game wasn’t as close as it looks on scoreboard, but neither were many of Matt’s.

Shanahans healthy offense was literally the worst script we could have faced sans maybe KC… speed in space, shifty backs and RAC style wrs with an elite athlete at TE…. It was like watching a Michigan vs OSU game where the Buckeyes just had superior athletes running wide open on crossing routes and gashing on counter runs.

Levi O, McNeill, Barnes and Melifonwu are 4 of
Our best athletes on the D and we could force them more snaps then they were ready for.

Good news is that unless Stafford caves to pressure, it looks like we could still be tied for first in division after today. Lol


Week 1 highlights out.

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Cephus, Raymond and St Brown.

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  • The oline shift with Decker out was much better than expected.
  • Goff, did not impress. Even in the end when SF went prevent.
  • Secondany, oof.
  • DL seemed to get better as the game went along.
  • Running game shows promise.
  • Reshuffling the WRs should be priority one. Way more bad than good.

Overall, for the first game, a big “meh”.


It was nice that they played hard until the end but the comeback was almost entirely due to the Niners letting up and then self destructing. Goff’s numbers made him look better than he actually was. He struggled when the game was actually on the line. Conservative, jittery in the pocket, missing some throws although a few drops that weren’t his fault, Pick 6.

If we take much into this game, it seems like Quinn was the bigger issue than Patricia and I was always one of those who thought that Patricia was the bigger issue. Bad players on this roster especially the Back 7 defensively, really bad players. I know they’re young but we’re talking 2-3 years in for a lot of them and they look lost, no progression with any of them. Of course it’s only 1 game so we’ll just have to see if any improvements show as they adjust to the new systems, gain experience etc.

The one big positive I take from the game is the offensive line and running backs. If the game wasn’t a blowout early, I think we would have seen some really gaudy numbers in the running game. I hadn’t seen lanes like that open for Lions running backs, maybe ever? I thought the running designs by Lynn/Staley were terrific, lots of times with motion creating confusion for the Niner defenders.

Anyway, that’s more than I thought I’d write about this game. It’s gonna be a long year boys. It looks like the NFC West is going to be nasty as most expected, some potentially good news for our Rams pick.


Many thoughts:

  • Nothing seen today should have been a surprise to anyone paying attention.

  • The defense remains horrid. Easy to play. Quinntricia destroyed the talent level of this group, and it will probably take two more off seasons to recover.

  • All off-season I think, "I’m not seeing an upgrade to a bad LB corps (though Barnes eventually will be, I think). All off-season I thought, “You’re relying on Okudah and Oruwariye to be your 16-game starting CB pair? And a nickel back who’s never been a full-time nickel? And the same horrid safety pair?”

And that played out exactly as one would expect today.

  • Still with a lack of pass rush. Disappointing.

  • Aaron Glenn’s prolonged lighting into Okudah on the sideline (that was Glenn, right? Not Pleasant?) After Okudah blew a fundamental assignment to give up a ridiculously long, easy TD run, was nice to see.

  • The ship has sailed on Okudah living up to being a CB worthy of a 3rd OA. But the buffoon who made that pick was fired for his failure and incompetence. It’s a sunk cost. Now you just want to get a serviceable starter out of him. That is very much in question.

  • Sewell was OK. Looked good and steady for a lot of the game, but had his bad rookie moments too. Jonah Jackson and Ragnow occasionally look so good inside, especially in the running game. But they had their blown plays, too. Nelson showed his (glaring) limitations.

  • I’ve vacillated on what Goff is supposed to be; a bridge or The Guy. Now I’m leaning toward a bridge. He doesn’t have Stafford’s arm talent, but I was disappointed to see him so often inaccurate. On the other hand, his collection of receivers is Hockenson, occasionally Swift, and the rest not even mediocre.

This will make Goff a whipping boy this season. And he’ll be here next as the highly picked kid QB is groomed, and that’s about it.

-I had to chuckle when I saw Goff at the end doing the Pad Statford statistic accumulating in garbage time.

  • As I’ve said before, under 5.5 wins for the season is free money from Vegas.

Anyone really thinks Goff looked worse than Stafford. Yeah Goff didn’t throw downfield as much as Stafford. He doesn’t have the arm Matt does and he doesn’t have Marvin Jones or Kenny Golladay.

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Good take. Goff’s miss on the easy TD throw and then pick 6 a bit later doomed the offense in a game where the defense wasn’t going to show up.

Most of his throws were either bad or pedestrian.

And before anyone attacks me for hating on Goff: it isn’t his fault he’s not Matt Stafford. I want him to win. I want him to lead us to the Super Bowl. But he’s not that guy, and I won’t pretend that he is.

The only way Goff wins is if he has a strong defense and at least one notable WR, and even then he simply might not be good enough.

I wish that weren’t the case. And I hope he proves me wrong.