Pot Stocks

They’ve been getting really punished lately, it’s what happens when you aren’t profitable. But, in many cases they aren’t profitable because they are expanding their businesses. There’s an OTC stock that I am looking really hard at right now, MedMen Enterprises. They are positioned extremely well but have been burning through what appears to be “excessive” amounts of cash to get their locations up and running. Adrian, I know you live in Vegas and I know they have a presence there. Anyone have any knowledge, doesn’t need to be first hand obviously, of them good or bad from where you live if they are in their area.

They advertised heavily on radio in Detroit metro this summer.

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So weed growers are “burning thru” cash

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I would hate to see it all go up in smoke. At this point I’m going to wait a little longer to get in, they pushed thru $1 for a nano-second. If they do it again I think bottom is .75, but if I buy it’s a long term hold anyway. Cheap if they make it, expensive if they don’t.

I have wanted to sell weed for a really long time. Since I dont smoke it, I’m the perfect person to do it because I wouldn’t get high on my own supply. But if I became a brewer, all bets are off. I can’t help but drink that stuff.

I’m also good for the casino industry. I like playing the games but I’m not a gambler. I lived in a town with 6 casinos and a race track for 9 years. I only gambled at the casino once, and that was because I was invited by someone who came in from out of town and I didn’t want to be rude. They also threw me $100 and said “get some chips and play with me.” I went to the race track once, also as an invite to a suite. I just ate and drank and picked which horses I thought would win without putting money on any of them.

Flipping it again, I couldn’t be a porn director because once again I would get high on my own supply. LOL

Pot would be easy, just give them material to read if they ask about anything. Casino, nope, hate watching pathetic people lose money they don’t have to lose. Porn director, interesting, but probably not. Brewer, sure, 2 beers and I’m full, don’t want anymore.

Up 22% since my original post. Monday could move it in either direction with news, but I’m inclined to believe that they keep inching back up to @ $1.50 range.