Potential Bob Quinn replacements

  1. Louis Riddick - Ex. director of pro personnel Philly
  2. Mike Borgonzi - KC
  3. Adam Peters - San Fran

Reading up on Adam Peters now. He sounds like an excellent candidate.

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Assuming it’s Peter then Saleh would probably be at the top of his list for HC

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I’d be fine with that.

Peter’s does seem interesting, as does Saleh… keep Bevell tho and go get him Lawrence or Fields

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Me too. Good combo IMO.

Troy Aikman

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Why in the world would he want to do that? Not
that I’d be for it anyways.

He has mentioned before on air that he would like to be a GM.

Taking a greenhorn out of the Fox booth??? Seriously?

You are officially never allowed to bag on Quinn for taking a TE at 8. As regrettable as that was considering our Ebron history, only a deranged sadist would suggest signing up another Fox Sports game-announcing ex-player at the GM position AGAIN.

Seriously ROFL silliness here.

Huh. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. He does seem like a pretty bright guy but that’s just too big of a risk to take IMO.

Any of the three is an improvement…

Your sarcasm detector needs a tune up.

Mike Borgonzi - Eric Bieniemy
Adam Peters - Robert Saleh

Ok. I figured that with the Cowboys being Iggy’s other team that it was a legitimate suggestion. I also took his initial response to suggest that it was.

Who cares, it’s all a crap shoot. I guess they will just hire some other team’s Director of Scouting or Football Operations and that team’s next “great” coordinator.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

I at least like some out of the box thinking, despite the stigmata that was Matt Millen. Why not a former player with good talent evaluation.

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I think we seen that one

Are we talking about John Lynch when we mention bringing in another FOX broadcaster who used to be a player??

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Dear lord does he have a punchable face.

How does someone who makes that kind of scratch manage to look like his mom just took him to Men’s Warehouse for his first internship suit.


^ :rofl: