Just hit a 62 yarder just before haltime.


And Dalvin Cook possibly out.

Hate that The Curds got Rondale Moore, too. Really liked him for DET as the best 2nd tier WR in the draft. Hopkins, Green, AND this dude…and you wonder why I keep mewling about the Rams defense ? Ramsey can’t cover all these mofos…


That thing cleared by quite a bit

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Nutted it from 62 … and then the Viqueens miss from 37 to lose the game.



Cool. Best FG kicker in Lions history.

With all the extra salary cap space the Lions have, they could have easily afforded to keep Prater.

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I’d say he’s interchangeable with Murray at #2, but Hanson is hands-down at the top-of-the-heap.


Don’t they still have Kirk as well?

Prater is the kind of kickwr that belongs on a playoff team. Detroit is not that type of team. While I liked having Prater, I understand the decision. I mean look at the Lions roster - this team isn’t trying to win a lot this year.

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Prater and Stafford didn’t need to be part of another rebuild. Happy for both of them.


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Not even close:



Aug 12

2020–2 GW FGs (WFT & Cards) + 1 GW XP (Falcons)



2017–2 GW FGs (Bears & Bucs)

2016–4 GW FGs (Colts, Eagles, Rams, Vikings + 1 59 yard FG to Tie (Vikings–the Golden Tate flip game)

2015–1 GW FG (Bears)

2014–2 GW FGs (Falcons, Vikings) + 1 GW XP (Saints)

I’m defining GW FG as one which put the Lions ahead and was the last score of the Jason

Hanson booted 17 game-winning field goals in his career; eight in regulation and nine in overtime.

That sounds like a lot, but not when you consider he played in 327 games. Prater did what he did for the Lions in only 108 games.

Hanson was here longer, but Prater was better.

Murray missed the only FG in his career that mattered in 1983.

Let me go on record saying I had no problem with them moving on from Prater. Prater was not great last season. Prater is getting old.

In a perfect world, you nail getting rid of a player just before their decline, (like when the Twins parted from Joe Nathan and the Tigers snatched him up. Ooops.) but in reality, sometimes you’re off by a season or two.

Whoa whoa whoa

You said best Lions’ FG kicker in Lions history. To me, Hanson is the best Lions’ FG kicker in history, because it did it for longer, had more FGs, and I believe he still holds league records for most FG over 40 yards and consecutive made over 40 (If not, it’s been very recently that he was knocked off). If Prater would have been here for 20 years, then I’d be willing to revisit the argument. Now as you outlined, if the criteria you use is GW FG, I won’t disagree with it being Prater or even him being the most clutch Lions’ GF kicker with his long range consistency.

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He won the Lions a shit load of games with his ability to bang then deep.

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wait…he only kicked a 59 yarder for us? I swear I thought I saw him kick one that tied his record, or was 1 yard shy of that.

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Prater’s percentage of FGs made while with the Lions = 84.4%

Hanson’s percentage of FGs made over his career = 82.4%

Prater, from 50+ yards, was 38 of 52 for 73.1%

Hanson, from 50+ yards, was 52 of 93 for 55.9%

Prater, from 40+ yards, was 82 of 111 for 73.9%

Hanson, from 40+ yards, was 188 of 279 for 67.4%

Prater may have only played for the Lions for 7 seasons, but he was better than Hanson.


So is Prater now a Hall of Famer?


Prater is pretty much a legend now.