Prayers for Texas

Walked in the bedroom and wondered why my wife was in tears. This country is broken.


ugh. what now?

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School shooting…14 kids, 1 teacher killed

It took New Zealand and Australia one of these types of events to fix the problem.


school was for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders

just read about it. I’m sick to my stomach

Nothing will change except the date of the next event.


This country decided long ago this was tolerable.

Thoughts and prayers and more pixie dust. No solutions.


Yep, clearly we AREN’T better than this as a people.


Sickening. Makes me want to Home School my Kids.


Thanks for posting this Nate.

This is Sandy Hook again, every other school shooting all over again. And it’s gonna be a bunch of “Washington needs to do something” or “thoughts and prayers” and then nothing happens and then the next one occurs.

I seriously cannot with this anymore. It’s a weekly event.

Of course sending thoughts and prayers to the families but of course that and a quarter will get you a hot cup of Jack shit at the local donut shop.

This is insane and heartbreaking. There are no words, again.


A week after Buffalo.

I was a senior in high school during Columbine.

I remember driving home to squeeze my elementary school son after Sandy Hook.

Now I have a 2 year old during this shooting.

I can’t emotionally process this.


I’ve got three elementary-aged kids and I teach. This is hitting me hard, and not a damn thing that needs to be done is being done about it.


I don’t know what to tell you except I empathize completely. I don’t have kids myself but have lots of nieces and nephews and all that… and even if I didn’t it doesn’t change this. I can’t imagine being a parent right now.

In regards to your mental health and well being prayers and strength for you, and for everyone else.

This country has lost its damn mind. Or the crazy people have always been present regardless of the country, it’s just how you defend against them.

I’m sorry I’m just spewing words. There’s nothing I can write that will express what the hell I think and feel just like everyone else

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Kill yourself, suicide by cop or death penalty if you insist on a trial. Families don’t need to be victimized any further.
Your name is kept off the air and any press accounts. If you want it get it from an inquiry call to the police department, your 15 minutes should truly be 15 minutes.
As to how you got the means to do this, apparently no one cares enough to do anything about it so congratulations for living in a time and place where a bad day can turn into mass murder.

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It’s really horrible, and obviously thoughts and prayers to the families and friends and community.

Yes something needs to be done. The standard answer from a particular group though is not, and never will be the solution. You can study the worst ever in Bath MI. OKC, etc. A soft target will always be a target, and it’s beyond time to harden targets.

We know how, we do it constantly all around the country. It pains me to hear this stuff, it’s insane we don’t take the same precautions with our children, grandchildren.

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Sorry and I don’t mean to make this political because it doesn’t have to be. But just ban guns. Jesus. Keep the hunting rifles, revolvers, pistols, etc. no civilian needs access to semi automatic weapons.

Hunt your deer, keep a gun for personal protection, whatever. Outside of that eliminate all the rest.



This thread is the type that is can sadly get out of hand, so let’s be mindful that people are going to be processing a lot of emotions. Please afford the space to do that.


Yes. Its so freaking obvious. Yet people will vote for politicians hard on climate change rather than politicians hard on guns. I don’t get it.


This may seem morbid and inappropriate but I miss the days when mentally ill people just took their own life. What does killing a bunch of innocent people accomplish? I’m so mad right now.