Pre-snap penalties

I was watching a little of the Jets game last night and was getting irritated at the number of penalties called. A sure sign of un-preparedness and/or bad communication is the number of pre-snap penalties against a team. In our first two pre-season games, we’ve only had four and three penalties called against us. I can’t remember a single false start, and I could find only one pre-snap penalty - an illegal formation where the TE was not covered vs. Atlanta.

While the players deserve most of the credit for executing, Ben Johnson also deserves some kudos; he has these guys on the ball and focused.

EDIT: Does hard knocks know a guy named Ben Johnson exists?


The lack of penalties overall has been very impressive. Especially since most of the playing time has gone to the low end of the depth chart.

The other thing ive been impressed with is the offensive play calling. It’s been very smooth and fluid. There’s a nice mix of run and pass. There have only been a few times I’ve questioned the call. But for all I know that could have been for evaluation purposes. Even the draw on the goal line I could understand the thinking behind it. Given the situation a pass would have been expected and the lions have done very well with draw plays the past year.


They’re saving all the flags for the Green Bay games…


Yes, the play calling has made sense. Nothing too fancy, but some wrinkles - some runs when you’d expect pass, which is nice to see. I think it all ties in. I don’t know if the playbook has been simplified, has more wrinkles, or what (granted, you’re not going to show everything in pre-season), there just doesn’t seem to be ANY confusion. People know their assignments, There’s no quizzical looks to the sideline. If you compare this to Patricia’s pre-season, where it was a shit show, or even last year (when everything was new), we actually look like we know what we’re doing.



That will be the litmus test to see if things are really different or not. I’m afraid we’re not going to know until the year is done - game 17 in Lambeau.

Won’t matter Detroit will be resting starters.

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We take the division in week 12 baby!!

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I really hate you for this comment. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I like the way you think!
I somehow think we’re not going to get shafted as hard as usual this year.

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