Predict the Best from each Round

Simple contest, predict a player taken in each round that will have the best career. @Nate could you time capsule this for ten years?

1 Paris Johnson
2. Jack Campbell
3. AT Perry
4. Riley Moss
5. Jason Taylor II
6. Deuce Vaughn
7. Zack Kuntz

Your turn

So you picked one dude named Johnson and another dude named Kuntz and I’m suppose to take this seriously. common man!!

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Only 4 1/2 hours to go, kids.
Go get some aluminum foil out of the cupboard and make something cool and Lions related.

I made a hat! :laughing:

You vastly overrate my arts and crafts skills…

Weird shaped aluminum football it is! (if you squint at it)

Btw, I want pictures…posted no later than 7:45…so we can all have one good laugh together before the draft starts.
(@Nate , take notes. My in-laws lived in Florida and we drove to go visit.)


Tight End Kuntz to you sir

Much better!

I might draft him at 6 overall for the jokes alone

Tight End Kuntz from Old Dirty U

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