Predicting the next Lions Pro Bowler

Interesting article on predicting the next pro bowler for each NFC team…They chose Sewell.

So the question is, who would you predict and why?

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Pro bowler, or all pro?
Don’t care about pro bowler.
But I’d think Ragnow is the best bet of next all pro Lion.


I’d have to agree on Sewell. If we look even half decent on offense Sewell’s draft status and name recognition will get him a nod before most anyone else.


Do fans count?!



If he has the year I hope he has I would say hockenson

Oh nevermind he made one already. In that case I will say swift

Sewell should get there soon. Maybe not this year because he doesn’t have the name recognition, but I can see him getting there next year easily.

Romeo should have some buzz around him after posting double digit sacks. If he can get that number to 15 or so this year, he should be at least an alternate.

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Offensive Skill- Hock…but mayyyybe Swift.

Other offense- Ragnow

Defense- is he on the roster yet???

Ok. Okudah.

No really. Trey doesn’t do anything great, Jok/Rokwara is at a stacked position competiton-wise.
We barely have NFL level talent at S and LB.

So, that leaves our 3OA CB, and generally CB have rough rookie years before rebounding and then excelling as early as yr 3. So, Okudah in 22.


Tracy Walker with 12 ints


Who? Fox!
Why? Because he’s the best punter in the history of the NFL




Well said.

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So Ragnow, Hock and Fox are out - they made it already.
I think Sewell makes it in 22/23, not 21/22.
Why not Decker - he’s not too far away. I’d hope it would be him or Swift beating Sewell to the punch. A little wishful thinking, yes.


offense - Swift and Ragnow

defense - Walker

So I was a little confused by the question, in that I wasn’t sure if it was A) the next pro bowl player who has not yet made a pro bowl, or B) just who’s gonna be the next pro bowler. So for A) I say Hock, B) I’ll stick by Swift.

Also, isn’t it interesting Stafford was never good enough to make a pro bowl and when he did he was just an alternate? ??? ???

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I’m just joking. And I agree in that I couldn’t care less about pro bowl. All pro is where it’s at.

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Sure, All Pro is better. But wouldn’t you take a roster of Pro-Bowlers? I’d be happy if every one of our starters made a pro-bowl, but none of them were all pro! Or even half the roster!

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That’s true and you’re right, I would take a roster or half roster of pro bowl players too, all day.

Next years first first round pick!