Predicting which Detroit Lions OL will make the initial 53-man roster |

Those 9 are rather obvious. If the Lions keep 10, who is the 10th guy? Much tougher call.

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Going with 10 would be bad news bears. That would mean that Sorsdal isn’t ready to be a reliable backup. Ouch.

Manu’s likely to be a scratch every week of the season.

There will probably be 2-3 OL stashed on the PS (although some of the Lions OL who don’t make the initial 53 may be picked up by other teams).

There are a couple of reasons to carry 10 O-lineman that don’t involve Sorsdal sucking. Both revolve around injury.
If either Ragnow or Glasgow have injuries that are could possibly not make the first game or two but not enough for IR then another center would have to be added to the roster.
None of the main 9 will be exposed to waivers so a 10th O-Lineman would need to be added.
The other reason is a lack of injury on the team and great play by an O-Lineman outside of the main 9.
Without having to make roster decisions based on injury the last few roster spots can be evaluated like the draft, best player makes the team.
Every week there are 5 players that are inactive, and many players spend most of the year on that list.
Last year Bro-Mart. Stephen Gilmore, and Levi were the scratch players.
We can probably pencil Manu in as a player that will spend most if not every week on the scratch list because he is a long way from contributing on the field but too valuable to expose to waivers by moving down to the Practice Squad.
If an offensive guard, like Awosika, were playing extremely well (better than the starters) in camp, and the other guards were also playing well, he could be retained as a 10th O-lineman.
Sorsdal, Mahogany, and Manu are recent draft picks and unless they implode they will have a roster spot. Even if Awosika is playing great Zeitler & Glasgow will make the roster and probably still start because of the trust and credibility built over time in the NFL.
But if Awosika is playing that well Holmes and Dan wouldn’t want to risk losing him by trying to sneak him onto the practice squad.
He would be better as a 10th O-lineman than the 6th CB (Vildor) , 6th LB (Nieman) or 4th safety (Joseph) that could probably clear waivers and make it to the Practice Squad.
I think Awosika or one of the centers (Eguakun or Hudson) are the best candidates for a 10th O-Lineman.
I’m not a big Skipper fan as the swing OT but I don’t think Galvin or Niese are serious threats to his role.
If Skipper doesn’t seem to be cutting it in camp Holmes will have to go out and get a competent swing tackle.


9 OL is a given.

Decker, Glasgow, Rags, Zeitler, Sewell.
Manu, Mahogany, Sorsdal, Skipper

Its after that if they go with 10.

I would say they would likely bring in a Center or Awosika

Just read an article giving him rave reviews.

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Awosika would have alot of value to another team. You either keep him as part of the 9 (or 10), or he’s gone, unless he comes up with a [cough] injury.

This makes alot of sense. Joseph might be another one that is lost if we expose him to the PS.

Looking forward to watching these battles unfold. I would not count out Awosika.

Big thing too is those depth DBS and LBSs typically play a lot of Special teams both ways, where the depth OL typically only play punts. So they have more value (hence bringing in Nowasake last year)

Yea Awosika would be eaten up quickly if and when cut. But when they already have 2 guards from draft picks Sordal and Mahogany its hard to squeen in yet another guard. Only way Awosika makes it is if they keep 10, or if he can somehow beat skipper out for RT2.

I’m skeptical on Sorsdal. But let the battles begin.

We’re going to have to get used to our non-53 guys getting poached. Mark of a good team.


He was fine in spot starts last year

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He did hold his own. Not great by any means but Jonah wasn’t exactly great last year either.

Then again playing in-between Decker and Ragnow is a dream for a guard. Or right guard beside Sewell and Rags. If you suck playing beside 2 all pros… then you really really suck.


Skipper might be vulnerable this year once again.

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Even if he doesn’t make it. Easy to get him on the practice squad… he’s been cut about 50 times and nobody claims him.

Dude is resilient though. Keeps coming back. People get hurt and next thing you know Skipper is being activated again.


San Fran will take him just watch…

No disrespect meant to Skipper but he’s about to turn 30 and has 0 career starts at tackle in his career. He’s not exactly the future.

Well then, FT49.