Prediction for ATLANTA-DETROIT game

Put your $$ on Atlanta +3.5 they have a good Oline and Dijon Mustard is going for about 175 and 2 TDs. Lions need to open it up and hope for a shootout where Ridder has to throw 30 times.

In a way, yes.


We’ve been great against RBs so far. QB run does concern me though.

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Atlanta by 10 or 11, but the game will be closer than the score. Back-and-forth leads of 3/4 until late in the 4th.

ATL 1-7 away last year

Teams that win the game cover 70% of the time

Just sayin… Jman had Lions 0-2 to start

Had them beating ATL comfortably

I guess 1 out 3 isn’t bad. I think

Hi Atlanta fan here (I come in peace) Just giving you a look at our team from a different hopefully unbiased perspective. We are definitely under the radar team. We are also very slow starting team. GB had the better of us until the 4th quarter. We held GB to 11 total yards in the 4th on 3 total possessions. Our D is very underrated.
Our Offense is very run heavy. You have to stop that first to have a chance. Our QB Ridder is very capable but essentially he is a rookie feeling his way. People don’t realize this upcoming game will be only his 7th NFL start. He has weapons. WR London. TE Pitts. RBs Bijan. RB Patterson. RB Allgeier. With Pitts this will be only their 3rd game together. Our week link is pass pro. Especially our RT McGary. He has stone feet and can be had with a speed rush almost every time. If we don’t give him help on pass plays Aidan Hutchinson will eat us alive! Go on YouTube and look at some of Bijan Robinson highlights. I think he is going to be a problem for you. Here is to a great game with no injuries. Oh and I voted Atlanta in a squeaker. I have to……Right😇


Speaking of covering the spread, did you see the Rams kick a field goal with 3 seconds left in the game down 10 vs the 49ers which covered the spread.

Not that a TD would have helped either. But they decided to take 3, down 10 with 3 seconds left, which ended the game. Hmmmmmmmmm

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Meatloaf disagrees.

Welcome @Caddieman. thanks for the unbiased view. An unbiased view of our team is that we are like a box of chocolates…you know the rest.
We thought we turned our defense around. Until the Seattle game. I have no idea how this team is going to play.

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I think Lions fans are going to have the feeling on Sunday that every team we faced in the Barry years had. Part frustration, part awe.

There’s a few days to go still, but I’m leaning toward setting the DVR and heading to the Cider Mill on Sunday.

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Jman is talking in 3rd person now??? :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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I said to my self, “Self, how quickly should you defeat @stephenboyd57 come draft day next year. 1st round, 2nd round, or wait until the final round to crush the contender”

If you smell what Jman is cookin

Can You Smell The Rock GIF by WWE

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You have no idea what ur talking about J-MAN!!!

Your time is coming, the good guys will prevail.

I got ur number brother!

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Lions win…by 14.

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Welcome. I wouldnt be too concerned, in fact, look for your OL to have a good game. I mean, Seattle shutdown the Lions pass rush and prtoected Geno alll dayyyh with a cardboard cutout at LT, Cricket from Sunny In Philadelphia at Center, and a broken toilet seat at RT…the Lions have Hutch…aaaand the dummer from Def Leppard who’s only got one arm…

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You know, we all talk during draft time about gobs of prospects, and some we even advocate for. What I’m realizing just now is that my appreciation for Bijan’s game has gone beyond the draft conversation. I’m a Lions fan 100% through and through, but I’m also looking forward to seeing Bijan. I want the win, to be sure, and I’d love to see Rodrigo, Barnes and Campbell avoid being posterized and even getting some solid tackles (each of them), but there’s an element of anticipation that many fans must have felt when they faced Barry. You don’t want to lose, but you’re getting the popcorn ready.

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Detroit comfortable win (9-16 points)

I do the same thing…from college to draft then I even follow the kids throughout their nfl career.

Started with Clinton Portis begging or him over Kalimbust back in the day.

Other times it’s been guys like Talib & Brandon Flowers….and times like Taylor Mays & Quinton Groves.

Some work out, Some don’t.

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Jake Matthews was another player I had a ton of appreciation for. I’d watch games the year before his draft to see how Joeckel looked and couldn’t help but notice that Matthews was a far better Tackle.

Matthews, Okudah, Robinson… possibly seeing all three this weekend.