Prediction: SEATTLE-DETROIT game


Shh its worked so far


Seahawks run and dink and dunk all day try to move the ball and control the clock works in first half fails miserably in second half lions 27 - Seahawks 13

31-13. LIONS. La Porta has two touchdowns. Metcalf ejected early 4th, and that’s the moment FF sets its own personal decibel mark.

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I forgot about that!! Hawks are ■■■■■■!

rick james cocaine GIF

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Worked well for that SB banner raising party, aye.

Kudo’s to @LionsHuskers and @LutherEllis while the rest of us were OD’ng on blue kool-aid.

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Congrats to you all for speaking your tru truth.

I don’t feel we are holding on blue Kool-Aid at all… We just have some guys that are going to jail better and better together that went through some growing pains today.

I guarantee you, Dan said something to them about this, and how it will ultimately make them better in the long run

Can’t get too high on your own greatness, can never be over prepared.

Still need to kick her in a defensive tackle in my opinion, but this Roster is pretty ■■■■■■■ sweet

This thread did age well

hey at least I was right even if it was tongue in cheek.

A loss can be a blessing in disguise. For both the team, and this board. We’ll see.


I don’t see an unwinnable game on the schedule.
LoL. No pressure lions.

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