Have to put this one out there early, b/c I may not have internet access starting tomorrow into late next week. Please bump if you need to after the Baltimore game.

Predict the winner and margin of victory for the Monday night Las Vegas @ Detroit game
  • Lions squeaker (1-3 points)
  • Lions one score game (4-8 points)
  • Lions comfortable win (9-16 points)
  • Lions blow out (17-34 points)
  • Lions. All Lions (35+ points)
  • Raiders squeaker (1-3 points)
  • Raiders one score game (4-8 points)
  • Raiders comfortable win (9-16 points)
  • Raiders blow out (17+ points)
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You can change your vote up until a few hours before the game. The “few hours” is because I’m not in the right time zone, and ma not sure what time zone the survey monkeys are paying attention to. Anyway, feel free to vote early and often.



Lions comfortable win (9-16 points)


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Do we put the nightmare behind us?

For the Raiders:

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I think the entire team wants to erase that memory of the Baltimore game, and they’re going to do their best to take out their anger on the Raiders. I think Lions blow them out.

Jimmy G is back, so they won’t be as bad as last week, but they arent a great team.

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The lions are going to beat these guys in a biblical onslaught

Hmmm. I see lots of people picking the Raiders.

We Win.

I blame the baltimore game on me. I had picked a close lions win after choosing lions losses previously.

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I do love that everyone has picked the Lions :lion:

Got full of myself at 1 -0, now sit at 1 - 5.

It will be one of the options. Feel pretty good about this one.

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I predict the fanbase will be back to this with a win:

But with a loss? Yikes…

Analzone on horseback!


It’s highly likely that the Lions will win, but weird things happen over the course of an NFL. I don’t want to deal with all the sympathy and get well soon cards from friends, not to mention wellness checks, that are sure to follow with a loss to the Raiders. Just win, Lions!!

LOL - Yup

Think this will be a much closer game than many fans expect. Lions by 3. Raiders cover the spread

The game is Devils night on MNF vs the Sin City Raiders. Expect shenanigans.

With Clete Blakeman, no less.

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