Predictions for next seasons record and why with out Stafford

I believe the Lions could go 0 and 16 again actually easily. This new Hire has the feel of Rod Marinelli (loved Rod by the way, just not a personnel guy)and now without Stafford games are just going to be impossible to win. No way they can sure up the defense that fast and the new QB carousel we are about to embark on could be the dagger for this Franchise. At the most 2 wins and that’s only if their starter at QB are out.


The funny thing in the NFL is things can turn around pretty quickly with a competent coaching staff and a couple key additions.

I agree it’s gonna be a struggle without Stafford but I don’t see 0-16…

They’ll get at least 2 wins.

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I guarantee we dont go 0-16 unless we are tanking on purpose. I just dont see Campbell being that person.

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Rod Marinelli himself didn’t go 0-16 his 1st year.

3-6 wins wins depending on who’s the quarterback.

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Tell me who we are going to beat with the worst defense in NFL history and an unproven QB then

We will somehow beat the Eagles. You heard it here first. Probably Cincinnati too.

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Yeah, so we get to see what the opposite of that is, as we’ve got kneecap-biting dude-bro and an exit of the few top-end players this team has.

It’s going to be a whole new level of putrid football, with what little talent there was on this team replaced with sharp-shoveled knee-biters with good pad level.

Actual results could vary between 0-6 wins, but that’s kind of bounce-of-the-ball /any-given-Sunday type stuff. This will be a really, really bad team by any measure next year, and that seems indisputable, unless you believe that high school pump-up speeches are what wins in the NFL.

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It’s100% possible to answer, I will type real slow so you can understand. Lose your Franchise QB because he’s tired of losing. Whole new coaching staff, The loss of several good players because they want nothing to do with a rebuild, their limited years left want to be on a winning team. Free agents will have to be extremely overpaid to come to now the newly but oddly enough old QB carousel in Detroit that the Fans went thru for over 50 years. Take the worst defense in NFL history not able to find good free agents, cause who wants to play for this terrible team no matter how much they want to pay. We are going to have to hope that the opposing teams QB’s go down like they got the plaque to even have a chance in any of these games next season. If not , the Lions quite possibly and probably won’t win one game next season. It will take a few seasons to get the draft picks running on all cylinders. That is one thing I think the Lions have got right, They have the who’s who in drafting players. So there is hope, just not in the immediate future. 3 years before the Lions can say, yes, we have a legitimate shot just from drafts. Now, if Stafford would have stayed, a player here and player there with some good coaching and this team can compete next year and possibly be great. Free agents would still have to be overpaid at least the really good ones but we might be able to snag some good middle talent in free agency. I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you… READ SLOW that may help.

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The Bengals have a pretty dam good QB, I think you can mark that as a loss and even with Wentz without Stafford and a rebuilding year no free agent will come here without getting way overpaid. So the record setting defense stays shitty and the Lions will make journeyman QB’s look like hall of famers again.

No problem, I hoped it would help, and obviously did

I think things look pretty bleak.

I suspect we lose Amendola, M. Jones and Golladay … so we won’t have any receivers either.

We could very possibly have the worst offense and worse defense in the NFL next year.

I think we will be lucky to win two games. I just hope we don’t go 0-16 again.

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I think you’re seriously overestimating Wentz’s ability by calling him a journeyman QB.

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I guarantee we win as many playoff games in one year without Stafford, as we did with Stafford in 12.

That’s why I’m not afraid.


I had to laugh at that, but a journeyman is what he is, I thought he was in the perfect storm when everyone was raving about him prior to the super bowl win. After that, he was what he was

So you’re saying Stafford is the reason the Ref picked up the flag against Dallas, Stafford was to blame why the Lions didn’t get to the playoffs more. Do tell,

I think alot of these guys on here are just doom and gloom no matter what which I Invision is they are just unhappy people that need to find some joy in life.I mean hell go fishing get laid smoke a joint something…lol I say they win 3-6 games.

Not really doom and gloom, reality is a better term. I been watching the Lions faithfully for over 50 years. I seen a thing or 2 over the years. One thing I do know. Even with the best running back of all time. If you don’t have a good QB , your team will suck. The best we have ever had is now walking out the door, that alone tells me all I need to know about the future of this team. Just speculation if you will. By Stafford leaving, again just speculation mind you. He is saying screw this, this is going to be bad for the next several years and I have had enough. Doom and gloom, reality is a better term.

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The Cincinnati Bengals had the exact same thing happen to them a decade ago, then they proceeded to have a better 5 year run than the Lions have had in the Superbowl era.

Now if you think the Lions aren’t capable of this I understand but we suck with Stafford and he’s 33.

All the flaws of this roster sans the quarterback would still be there with Stafford and we know what the results are with that.

Winning 2 games instead of 4 or 5 is really that big of a deal for you people?

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Well, I think the Lions are only a handful of players on defense from being middle of the pack. The offense when Bevel was coaching had the most yards or close to it during that time and one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. I think a huge, a Huge let me say it again a huge reason the Lions lost was on Patricia and his approach to the players. So the 5 win seasons is soley on him not the greatest QB the Lions have ever had. Hope that makes sense now.