Prepare yourself now: the Lions are drafting a QB early

First they bring in Dorsey, now looking at Mark Brunell for QB coach:

You don’t make these moves if you’re planning to roll with the Tyrod Taylors of the world, fellas!


Justin Fields please.


Sign Mark Brunell to play QB! He can’t be much older than Brady, haha!


Which QB in the draft is a lefty??

Mark Brunell might not have nobody to coach if Stafford get traded early on March . Brunell will have only jrlions in the roster to coach


They are going with all star coaching staff , no chance for Joey Harrington

So I agree we are probably drafting a QB early but this will be Brunell’s first time coaching above the HS level. Not necessarily a power move here.

Might be more than a joke. Remember when they suited up Steve DeBerg with the Falcons when Schaub got hurt? Lol

There is no way were not taking a QB IMO. Hopefully there we draft a good one

As long as it’s not one read Fields!

Yeah that’s my big problem with Fields is that he literally stairs down his 1st and only option the majority of the time. On the other hand he has the ability to make all the throws, but I just don’t like QBs who stair down recievers.

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You don’t have to squint hard to see the franchise is planning on building through the draft. They seem to be accumulating as many talent evaluators as money can buy - then surrounding the young talent with relatable former players who can get the best out of them.

Yep, Tyrold Taylor in FA. He’ll be this first year bridge for Trey Lance.

That’s what I’m smellin

It’s quite obvious @DeadStroke. This is a play for Tua in Miami. Scott Mitchell in rumored to be on the potential coaching list for the lions as well.

Comedy Central GIF by The Jim Jefferies Show

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Why have people not seen the Kellen Moore and Cowboys angle to this?


It sure seems that way.

My fear is that 3-4 QB’s are off the board before we pick and we settle for the next Josh Rosen.

It almost feels like we will have to trade up doesn’t it?

I would much rather we just wait … arg!

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Late round QB’s need QB coaches too.

Unfortunately I fear that SHF and Rod Wood feel we need a new face of the franchise.

Sitting at 7OA means we will likely trade up to get whomever we like the most or settle for whomever falls.

My gut is thinking we’re trading up with Mia. We can’t really sit pat if you think about it. Carolina, SF and a few others could easily just leap frog us.

If we want our choice of a QB we’re going to have to move up and get him.

This is why I’m in the boat of waiting a year.

I think we have way too many hole to be packaging picks together to move up.

I just know this is going to be a long rebuild if we go this route.

I just don’t see this group settling for a QB.

When you read how Dorsey got to the Mahomes pick, when you read how Snead(Holmes) got to the Goff pick I just don’t see this group picking a QB for the sake of picking a QB.

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I didn’t know quarterbacks needed to be coached in how to piss off your offensive line so much that they start letting people through to get you hurt. :laughing:

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