Preseason week 2

So far the Texans offense is chewing up the Lions defense. Making it look easy driving to the red zone

Nice catch and run by Fells on the first play. Looked like Tavai fell down in coverage

Nice way to tighten up in the red zone and force a FG. Good coverage on the 3rd down. But let Watson scramble for too much yardage to make it a 4th and 1

Sucks that they gave up the 4th down conversion. On a sloppy penalty to boot

On 1st and and goal from the 2
Nice breakup by Slay
2nd and goal
3rd and goal
TD Texans

7-0 Texans

12 men on the field after getting pushed backward 70 yards.

On offense

Agnew tackled immediately and start at the 13
Patient run by KJ for 5

2nd and 5. Brutal Protection. Strip sack for huge loss recovered by lions

3rd and 12. Pass brokeup. Nice pass but floated a little allowing the CB to recover

Not too inspiring a start…

JRM showing a little flash today at least. Almost had a nice pick just now

Man that Houston WR is fast. Good thing for the Lions he can’t catch. Dropped a huge play on their 3rd down

Our special teams is lackluster today

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Nice defensive TD. Tie game

Brutal long PI against AO on a third down at midfield

Looked like he fell down and just got his hands on the WR a little too much

1st and goal at the 5
Easy fade TD to the TE called back for holding
1st and 15
Nice sack Lions delay blitz
2nd and goal from the 22
INT! By Adams
Threw into triple coverage. Terrible decision by Webb

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Nice snap. lol. Turnover
Easy March down the field for a long TD

At least there are some positives to take away.
Fales may have played himself into the conversation for backup QB?
Tovai is going to be one of the really good ones! He does not lose contain!
The scrubbes played better.
JJ looked pretty good for only being with the team for a week. Obviously the coaches wanted to see what he could do. Eh. Not terrible?
Hopefully, Fales gets that chance next week.

The OL looked light years better than last week, as did backup QB (coincidence?)
Got a couple turnovers - nice!
Still missing our biggest meat and potatoes on D…the DL.

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I really liked what I saw from Tavai. His instincts were good, and he didn’t let blockers take him out of the play.

We have a lot of talent at WR. After our locks (Jones, Golladay, Amendola) we have maybe 2 roster spots left. I think Fulgham makes it as the 4th receiver on upside. Do we keep a 5th receiver?

It is possible the Lions will sign or trade for a speedy WR, we could use one of those but the guy has to have good hands but most of the time you get the speed or the hands but not both. I wouldn’t be surprised if they draft somebody who can do both, maybe before day 3.

It’ll be interesting to see what the offense looks like with Stafford and the starting WRs out there next Friday. FYI, I believe that game is nationally televised on CBS.

Not sure if we’ll have all of our defensive stars out there, none of them are on the PUP or NFI, but some might not be ready for prime time so to speak. Like De’Shawn Hand for instance. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the rest of them though.

AO is going to drive the “Amari Spivey First Year Wow The Game Speed is Different Up Here” Struggle Bus allllll yearrr.

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Tavai and Hock look pretty damn good tho. Will Harris and Ty Johnson too…


My biggest disappointment so far is probably Nauta. He had sticky hands in college.
Mr. Nauta-Gonna-Work-Here-Anymore

AO, AAAAaaaa O, daylight come and he got to go home…