Prime time games next season

Our Lions not only have earned the right to some MNF/SNF appearances next season, but I also think they’re a damn attractive team now. Any predictions for prinme time games next season not including Thanksgiving? I think for sure the Chiefs game will be on there. Thoughts?


We don’t play the Rams next year. We go to the Chargers.

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2023 Schedule
Home: Bears, Packers, Vikings, Falcons, Panthers, Broncos, Raiders, Seahawks
Away: Bears, Packers, Vikings, Chargers, Saints, Ravens, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Chiefs

Primetime Games: Chiefs, Cowboys are the 2 that stand out. Packers, Vikes, and Buccaneers if Brady is still playing are also another 3 possibilities.

Whoops, lol. Amended


Main thing that jumps out at me in looking at home opponents…we will massacre someone in a biblical onslaught on Turkey Day

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Only 1 prime time game matters

Ford Field Home opener on Thursday Night Football to kick off week 1 of the 2024 season.

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It’s gotta be the Packers…but if Rodgers is gone…the Vikings on Thanksgiving? Man, those are not good game options for the NFL haha

it’s gonna have an R rating for violence and gore! Hide the women & children
Viewer Discretion is Advised

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I personally prefer the constant schedule of 1 pm every Sunday. I think it keeps a level of consistency.

Players might feel disrespected, fans might feel it’s disrespect.

Who cares? Then go win at 1 pm all year. Primetime just creates off-schedules and short weeks.

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While I can see your point, when you win consistently, primetime games are gonna happen, that’s just how the league works. We were featured on hard knocks and finished the season 8-2. I’d expect at least 3 primetime games next year.

Personally I enjoy the 1pm games more too from a fan standpoint, otherwise some of these games don’t finish until well after midnight, which is great if you can sleep in the next day, not so great if you gotta get up at 5 or 6am.