Pro Bowlers

Slay made his 3rd consecutive pro bowl
Kenny G is 3rd alternate
Stafford is 5th alternate


Kenny G. is becoming one of my favorite Lion!


Good for slay. Too bad stafford got hurt. I have a feeling he and KG would have both been Pro bowlers outright if he had been healthy.


Stafford and Brees have almost identical stats for this year, except for completion percentage. If he had been healthy, I think he beats out Rodgers.


As lions fans we always get teased. Lol. If we didn’t have bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all.

a. Slay peak trade value?

b. Slay extension candidate?

Remind me again who else is a CB on this team on the outside?

B it is. 4/60 w 2/3 guaranteed. Age 29-32 seasons, last season may be a cut.

Golladay gets a deal too, as well as Glasgow. They don’t need to be subtracting talent at this point.

Plenty of money to be spent especially after you chop Wagner and his $13m


Agree with all of this


Great, now I get to watch a pro bowler and one alternate lose damn near every single game instead of some non pro bowlers lose every single game.

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Well, hopefully we’ll resign them to big contracts and trade them next year for late round picks and more dead cap money!

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Only if we had a winning record…

If they don’t trade Slay in the off season, then he will be a camp holdout without an extension.

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Yep. He’s trade fodder or a holdout.

BigPlaySlay is in for a payday

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fault = Quinn & Paul P , and Injuries MORE than MP & MS.