Props too Driskel

I for one was pretty impressed with him yesterday.He showed a good arm and is very mobile and alot bigger than I thought.Not saying he is the QB of the future but if Stafford is out for the rest if the year I think Jeff can win a couple games.Hell he couldn’t of had much if any practice time with the #1’s so let’s see how he looks next week.Just trying to find any positives at this point only hope I have is we end up with a top 3 pick and get Chase Young…lol


I think it was MLive that had a good piece on Driskel. Dude showed up for the game and they were like, “You’re starting.” So very few reps with starters, etc., and he went in there and did exactly what a back-up quarterback is supposed to do: give you a chance to win. Kudos.



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Definitely hats off to the kid. I just wish Bevell would have had him take off more in the 2nd half.

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No bitches here

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The one play was horrible. Predetermined his throw which resulted in an INT. He was decent aside from that gaffe.

I agree with Wes. More QB run was needed

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Yep! There were worries about our OBs caliber of play. Only one game but nice to see…

Whoever plays next Sunday, prayers to stay healthy and get a win!!


I really need Stafford for my fantasy football run… But getting Driskel as much time on the field as possible could go a long way if we were to contend next year…

Hate those damn words!

My expectations were incredibly low but he played pretty well all things considered. I think we may have found a #3 QB at worst. Will need to see more of him and until then I think we need to target a veteran QB when the league opens next March.

You could tell in the game Chicago had to respect his running ability. He also did a nice job getting rid of the ball when needed or going after the 1st down. We may have found something with this guy. It has Bevell’s name written all over it.

Fingers crossed.

I watched the Lions game on CBS (why the hell were two NFC North teams on CBS??) and then I watched the Packers/Panthers game and I swear there are a lot of similarities between Kyle Allen and Driskel. Their athleticism kinda dictates their playmaking. Allen is a more accurate passer but both use their legs very well.

Yeah, I was going to make a thread saying the same thing. I was actually quite impressed and encouraged with his play.
I just looked this up but the kid is 6’4" with 4.56 speed. Seems to have a legit arm as well.

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dayum did we JUST stumble on our first legit backup !? I forgot who our last one was. lol

Shaun Hill. We traded a 7th to the 49ers for him.

dang that was a while ago !

He was impressive , the play calling for a rookie (for the most part) was horrible . I can’t believe Bevell had him showing his back to the defense as much as he did . How many times did Driskell have to show his back in PA to spin around and not be able to plant and throw because of pressure getting through the line so quickly ?
That situation is hard enough for a high caliber vet never mind Driskell. The first quarter had a designed roll out that had the looks of R.Wilson type passing plays and we did it once maybe twice . Made no sense especially when the run game was ass and they were not respecting the run , not valuing the PA . Would love to have seen the kid in straight pass plays 3 steps drop pass or take off, Pistol even or more RPO .

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Give Driskel a better running game and he might be even better with misdirection working to his advantage as a faster runner than Stafford. Gotta learn not to focus in on one guy too long, cuz the defense is watching his eyes. Too many drops too.

If the reports are true that Stafford was supposed to play and it was a last minute decision to start Driskel, than I can understand why it was a Stafford playbook and gameplan for the week and not a Driskel gameplan. If Driskel plays next week, I’m sure they’ll get some of that corrected.

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QBs that can run actually help the running game because you can’t crash down from the backside…you have to hold your water in case he keeps it.