Props too Driskel

I agree , but even if it was Stafford , the idea you show your back the way we did against Chicago is a good idea or worse yet to do it against the Cowboys and the pressure they put on would be an even bigger mistake. We know our run game will be ass Sunday . If we show the QB’s back other than a couple times to pass it from PA it better be to hand it off or we are fucked .

The PA is designed to hold the linebackers and give them something else to think about. For many years it was a complete waste of time. Right now for some odd reason teams are actually honoring our run game and thus PA game.

But now that you mention it, I thought it was odd how often the Bengals did it in preseason with him. Check this video out. Damn near every pass play is a PA fake.

I know why you do it , I also love the idea of Stafford showing his back in PA from under center. We lived in shotgun with the delayed hand off or PA from a fake Hand off with the running back at his side forever …Atrocious
But against Defenses that get pressure quick from the front four and when the run game is crap and especially with a guy in Driskell who could use as much time as possible to diagnose which rec is the guy to hit or which hole to take off through …The calls last week were terrible for Driskell

You still aren’t picking up what I’m putting down. Yes our run game has struggled. But part of the reason its struggled is because teams are actually honoring it and taking it seriously. They aren’t just tackling the backs on the way to the QB. Its strange, I realize that. But go back and watch. They are treating us like a real running team.

I think its okay to use the PA when its actually effecting the defense. Driskell isn’t going to be back there reading the entire field anyways. They are going to give him some simple reads to 1 or 2 receivers or just one part of the field. The longer he sits back there facing the D, the more he’s probably just going to stare down his intended target anyways.

100% I agree have felt the same way , the respect given to the run game all year has been there , more so from the formations dictating it so, which is the key difference along with the commitment to do so (Attempts) .
My point for Driskell is more & even if he has the field cut down for him he is better off seeing the play develop and watching to see what he saw pre snap was real and if the blitzer was actually blitzing or if a guy who looked to be in coverage pre snap stayed that way . A guy with mobility should be moving and if you are cutting the field in half let him roll out in full sight and decide to throw or take off instead of having a DE or LB ready to destroy him once he has turned his back and did not hand off .